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A) Gil-gald giving Vilya to Elrond during the first White Council
B) right before his death

As I said before I think that TLOTR must be taken as "law".
In this case "before he died", what does it mean or can it mean?
Giving the ring to Elrond at the time of the White Council IS before he died, though a long time, it is true.

On the other hand what I wanted to say is that when Celebrimbror felt that Sauron had put the One Ring, in turn he removed the one that at that moment would take, because he would know that "one ring to rule them all".
And for that reason the decision to hide them not wearing them (while Sauron was wearing the One Ring).

However powerful Gil-galad might be, wearing Vilya could mean that Sauron could dominate him and therefore defeat him.

Possibly, as speculation, for this reason is the marginal note of Tolkien, I do not know.

Therefore for consistency I have to choose and in fact I always chose A), although as I said before is perhaps one of those passages, let's say, impossible to do entirely coherent without showing them a bit "forced".


Or maybe leave the marginal note, instead of for Cirdan, for Elrond, that is, gave Vilya to Elrond before leaving for the war in the Time of the Last Alliance. Of course, leaving it safely in Imladris, would it be possible?

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