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RD-SL-27: Coming back to the discussion about where the battle toke place. There is one new information so it might be considered very thin. In his new book Beren and Lúthien Christopher Tolkien does not provide any new texts, but he gives some comments and some interisting editing. Normaly Christopher Tolkien does in this book not introduce changes to the texts, so that very old names like 'Tinwelint and Gwendeling' stand beside new once like 'Thingol and Melian'. But then we come to the last part of Berens story and the book, where his fight against Naugladur is described. Again old Names like 'Glómund' or 'Lamp of Faëry' for the Silmaril are allowed to stand. But on change in the course of the narrative is done, so not consequently. It starts with an editorial replacement (marked as such) in the first sentence:
Now came all that host [to the river Ascar], and their array was thus; ...
In the original LT text this reads:
Now came all that host to the banks of Aros, and their array was thus; ...
And in the LT the battle was at the ford over the River Aros that marked the southern boundary of Artanor. And in the rest of the extract from LT the name 'Aros' is allowed to stand.

What this showes, in my oppinion, is that for Christopher Tolkien the ford that was the palce of Berens last fight was that over the river Ascar and not that over Gelion/Duin Daer as we used it. If it changes something or not is up to the farther discussion of this case. But at least I think this is worth considering the case again.


P.S.: This is the only case that I could find in Beren and Lúthien that is worth mentioning for the project.
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