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Originally Posted by Findegil View Post
What is the Content of '-Of the Orkor in your Silmarillion?
Well it'd must be discussed when you can reach the point, but basically is a mixture of the QS/Annals/MT texts showing the typical "Some said that.... but others said that"

Originally Posted by Findegil View Post
How did avoid simple repeation of text passages when you include both, the short chapters in the Silamrillion and the end of the Atanatarion which foresure is constructed from the same material?
You asked me time ago in this thread: Quotation from Post47

"Findegil wrote.
What I miss is a tale of the years of the first age. I know that we have that only for the last couple of years but I still think in your kind of project it should be included.

Its included as the last Appendix of Volume one. E Yenonotie. The Tale of Years.

About the other matter, really its a case of repeatition, but I shortened anyway lots of it, (its a real pity that you cannot read it for being in spanish, to compare).

Anyway I feel fine with it, because its the most approached to the knowed final structure projects of the professor, if Tolkien wanted to repeat the story, amen ( evidently with other words). But we only have what we have."

Originally Posted by Findegil View Post
Should not 'Of the Dwarves and their relations with Men' come earlier? I think that what is in there is from Of Dwraves and Men. If so it refers to the time before the Fall of Eregion. But then it tells so at the end, so yes, probably structur works best in that way.
I don't remember well now how I managed the texts, but this text together with that Of Durin's Folk in the Third Age were composed basically with Of Dwarves and Men and the Appendix of TLotR dividing the information of both ages. Of course I considered some other sources but unfortunately I had not the editing structure of yours, quoting the sources, and I would have to study deeply it. ..... When you reach the point.

I named Prologue to the text from the beginning of TCoH till is said Turin had 5 years. I though it was a "common history" to both "House of Hador Texts"

As for the chapter structure of Tuor, yes, they were more or less invented, but was discussed in this thread near the beginning. Quotation from Post 8
Originally Posted by Findegil View Post
As might be suspected, I have a view questions:
- Since I never saw any sign of your chapterheadings, I assume you invented them. For what reason did you do that?
Yes I invented them. After the publication of The Children of Hurin I wanted that his cousin had a similar story, and that invention (I think) is not against the story and donít changes anything wrote by Tolkien. Itís only a heading.

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