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Hello fellows again, I have been father for second time on October 27th, and I have been very busy. With two childes at home, we have no time to be bored. And it will be for time, but Iīll try to collaborate in the measure I could.

For the moment in the few times I had and could, I finished (naturally for the moment) the whole project of the Red Book, adapting the texts of the Hobbit and TLOTR, in one volume (changing the three first chapters of the first one for those written in the 60s and rejected (published in The History of the Hobbit)), and elaborate a "fifth volume with the hobbit material from the Appendix of TLOTR, with the poems in The Adventures of Tom Bombadil.
With that I have a sort of "Compilation from the copy of Findegil of Gondor of the Thainīs Book".

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