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Hello Findegil, ok, first of all, in my opinion, its only a song , not necessarily "canonically real or perfect".
But apart for the "inexplicably" mention of Gondobar, I don't see anything that gives me the impression that they go to the east. They go to the land of the Two Trees, and the orient fire is of the sun from the east in the rear of the ship. (Of course is an oppinion, a mode of see, of understand the song).

Of course we can omit the verse of Gondobar, but for example, a very nice option for me, is that we can change Gondobar for Eressëa, that is the place in what I always think when read the allusion of Gondobar. But these changes are easier for me that the texts in Spanish have not rhyme. Could you combine the older and the last versions of the poem?

....Thus they escaped their enchantment.

I know a window in a Western tower
beyond the country of the shining Trees.

For at last Eärendil and his companions came into the Shadowy Seas and passed their shadows.....


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