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Hello again fellows, a days ago I have updated in the post above the structure of chapters in the Vols 1 and 2 of my version. Apart of other minor changes, the major was the inclusion of the story of Eärendil in the last tale of the Atanatarion.

I decided to do it because follow your version I did take the decision of include verse material, that makes an elongation of the text.

To the fragment of the lay of Eärendel (that I located at Nan-tathren ) and the Horns of Ylmir, after; and at the mention of the Sleeper of the Tower of Pearl, I added The happy mariners.

And in the end when Eärendil is raised, I finished the Atanatarion with first The bidding of the minstrel, then Eala Eärendel engla beorthast, and last with The shores of Fäery.

In my concept of a book for the QS, (a resume of the tales), and another for the Atanatarion, the story must end with the Raising of the Star, and the Great end of the First age, must belong only to the QS.
If you think seeing my concept, what do you think?

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