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An Inkling of an Idea:

from Ransom

Action/Adventure: Good != Nice

Even before the current confrontation, the kingdom of Gondor was known throughout the world for its experiene and excellence at siege warfare. The entire western bank has been transform into the longest defensive front in the history of human civilizations. Gondorian defensive doctrine directs front line commanders to minimize their casualties at any cost. Many officers have come up with ingenious but cruel or inhuman methods kill orks without endangering any of the men. An archivist in the White Tower has discovered a text detail the production of Numenorian fire, a volitile mixture that would burst into flame upon contact with water. Siege engineers have convinced the Steward that Numenorian fire can be employed against any naval crossing of the Anduin by means of catapults and balista. While most of the ingredients can be quickly obtained, the recepie requires a secret ingredient that can be found in the mountains south of Morthond Vale. Lead an expedition to discover the location of the ingredient and report on the possibility of mining/harvesting/refinement.

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