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1. "The Trollshaws" -- A group of Rangers and Elves patrolling the area near Weathertop as attacked by Trolls. Some of your friends are wounded. You must bring them to Rivendell where they may be healed. But the Trolls are still around. Beware as you pass by The Trollshaws!

2. “Pest control!” -- The peaceful area of the Shire/Rivendell/Mirkwood/Dale, etc. are being terrorized by an unknown force. This force regularly destroys crops and livestock but have not attacked any inhabitants. You and your friends must track these miscreants down and end their raids

3. "To Catch a Scoundrel" - This game starts from Laketown in the aftermath of the Battle of the Five Armies. Characters could be dwarves, wood elves or men. Laketown is being rebuilt with the help of the elves and dwarves, when a rumour suggests that the old Master of Esgaroth has absconded with the town's treasury. An opportunity for a band of young soldiers with some battle experience to follow his trail into the wilderness, with the lure of cold hard cash if successful!

4. "The Great Caravan" - This game starts from Dale, the year of Bilbo's eleventy-first party. Characters could be dwarves or men of Dale or Esgaroth. An enormous order for goods from Dale has been received from the little-known land called the Shire. These include musical instruments, gifts and toys of superior dwarven workmanship, and a number of mysterious casks added by that strange Wizard, Gandalf (who oddly specifies that no-one is to set light to any of them!). Dain, King under the Mountain, hires guards to transport these goods to Esgaroth, then through Mirkwood to Rivendell where the casks are to be delivered to Gandalf's workshop. Although the Wood-elves and Beornings may help you if you treat them politely, the area contains many inhabitants partial to pony steak, while perhaps some more sinister characters may be interested in Gandalf's special casks!

5. "Battle for the Bay" - With peace returning to Middle-Earth after the final destruction of Sauron, people have begun doing things that were thought unsafe. Without the threat of a Corsair attack, a man re-opens a sea-race that was founded by his ancestors a long time ago. The race is called The Mariners’ Delight, as it runs from the Havens of Harlond, near the Grey Havens, to the island of Tolfalas in the Bay of Belfalas. Men and Elves come from all regions to sail for the honor, the glory, and of course, the gold. On the open water, there are no rules, and it's every man for themself, fighting for their share of the sea. But when a violent storm enters the Bay, the mariners must choose weather to sail on, or to quit and rest their sails.
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