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1. "The Long Winter" - Weather in The Shire has grown devastatingly cold. It is the Third Age in the year 1159 (Shire Reckoning). The winter of 1158 has never lifted and the Northlands have been covered in snow even through the summer. The Brandywine River has frozen over and hungry Wargs are threatening the borders of The Shire. There has been no harvest and provisions are running short. Join a group of Hobbits in a desparate journey to Rivendell and back as they seek to purchase needed food and supplies. But watch out! Packs of wolves will be hunting you and your friends!

2. “Hobbit's Gift” -- Bilbo wants to plan a surprise party for the still young Frodo. PCs must assist in planning and procure supplies from surrounding towns while keeping it a secret. However, bandits have been plaguing the area, and the Sackville-Baggins family is vowing to wreck havoc on all the plans. All hobbits better watch their step!.

3. “Bungo’s Great Project” –ca. 1290 TA. The tale of how Bag-end was built. Bungo Baggins wants to build a luxurious hole for his wife Belladonna. Bungo must persuade his reluctant father-in-law Gerontius Took to lend him the money, deal with the plottings of his sister-in-law Camelia Sackville, and juggle the responsibilities of being the father of the newborn Bilbo, along with all his other responsibilities.

4. “The Old Forest” – An odd place to be and make no mistake about it! But the trees have decided to attack the Hedge, and the Brandybucks must fight them off before their land becomes part of The Old Forest.

5. “Sailing Away” – Several young Tooks, inspired by tales from their elders, decide to build a boat and sail the Brandywine. Their voyage takes a turn for the worse, when their craft is swept away on the river’s current and they capsize near Sarn Ford, well beyond the bounds of the Shire. The river journey is just the first part of their adventure. Accompany them as they struggle to return to the Shire from strange and unfamiliar lands inhabited by the Big Folk.

6. “Quest of the Brandybucks”– T.A. 2340 Join Gorhendad Oldbuck and his family as they move from the Marish where they have lived many years to a new site that will become known as Buckland. They must cross the River Brandywine and build Brandy Hall, while surviving many dangers that surround them, such as the Old Forest.

7. “The Hobbit Migrations: Escape from the Witch King” – In 1300 TA, Angmar established a realm in the north of the Misty Mountains to purge the area of his Black Master’s enemies. With the onset of war, the hobbits were forced to flee their homes and go west towards Bree-land. Can the Fallohides and Harfoots learn to cooperate to escape from the war torn lands and survive the many dangers on the road?

8. “The Hobbit Migrations: Big and Little Folk" – The Hobbits have successfully escaped from the clutches of the Witch King, but now face the suspicions of the Big Folk in Bree-land. Bree’s ancient dike, heavy gate, and thick hedge is almost ready to collapse. Can the Big and Little Folk join together to reinforce these defenses and fight off an attack by marauding bandits?

9. "The Fell Winter" It is the winter of 2911 TA, and very snowy. In fact, the Brandywine has frozen over, and White Wolves are invading from the North! Bilbo is just twenty-one years old, still a young and foolhardy tweener. Can he join with his friends and outwit the wolves in Hobbiton to survive until Spring?

10. "A Land to Call Their Own" - Two hobbit brothers, Marcho and Blanco, lead their people from Bree to a land that later becomes the Shire. The story would cover the journey rather than the settling of the Shire, and would end when the hobbits cross the Bridge of Stonebows.

11. "Help for Arnor" - In the last battle between Angmar and Arnor, the Thain of the Shire allegedly sent a troop of bowmen to the aid of the King. No human records state their being there. What happened to them? Did they arrive or not, and if they did, why were they left out of the records?
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