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You may ask to contribute to the physics experimental series in many ways. If you do, that means you want to access the benefits of industry busting physics. Yes, we will welcome you to that.

So, if there are any physicists reading, hello, "Hi, ah, try saying 'thankyou'". You are welcome.

If you are a physicist, and want to battle assumptions, go ahead, I welcome it. I need anyone who can be readied to tackle the Vanity Brigade. Senior physicists are going to go two ways. "He couldn't possibly be able to do that." and "let's see about that. Let's question him". And receive me. Sean Carroll will understand.

If you want to be a laboratory in contribution, about the two slit wave function collapse experiment design, for tritum vectors, it's a very wide map. It should be reasonably doable. But it's a hard area of design.

If you are an entropy physics lover, I'm your man. This one for assumption busting of Law 3, and that data set, the Anvil. It's the base end block. Once you demonstrate entropy inversion flow, of heats, the victory is done. The 'bits in the middle' between two slit wave function collapse, the entropy vectors then takes a hammer to all the delays and all the attacks, and all the way home.
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