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Originally Posted by William Cloud Hicklin View Post
I mean, why was he any more Numenorean than any of his contemporaries in the Gondorian nobility? It's true that Dol Amroth's line was founded before the Exile--- but that was long centuries before the TA 1980s!
Is that Mithrellas with a union of elf and man an indication that somehow he was exceptional? Or does the converse apply? I've often wondered about what was at work when it was a union of the two races, and why it was always, in the first generation of them, that always a female of Elven race was with a male of the Second Born.

Though with Imrazor, not a very happy union, it seemed, and he seemed to have a controlling temperament, from memory. Makes me think of Maeglin and Eol, with the entrapping lair of the treehouse, and as such, perhaps it was the case that Imrazor was a captor of a vulnerable woman, of the First Born.

I'm not sure he was an exceptional Numenorean, therefore, if it is the case that you infer that, from the little we know about his temperament.
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