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Hi there. Regarding this, I am going to give my opinion, that although it is closer to Aiwendil's and, I understand, Findegil's, we could have a general approach to all of them.

1 I agree with Aiwendil (and then with CT) that the new cosmology involves everything and making it more scientifically realistic is unfeasible (Alas) without a narrative development that does not exist. But there are concepts in relation to Tale of Years that should be taken into account, as the definitive change to 1: 144 instead of 1:10 (rounding) because, as Findegil said, it is established in TLotR with the concepts of yen and la. And, in my opinion it seems that the multiples of 12 were "of the Valar and of the Eldar" from the beginning, taking into account Cuivienyarna for example. We could, of course, be ambiguous but in TLotR Tolkien it is clear and with numbers.

2 If the Awakening is in 850 then it is very difficult if not impossible to adapt the dates with which we have and the narrative. If we put it in 1050 as in AAm, perhaps everything could be better adapted by transposing the difference (eg VY {854} [1054] About the time the 12th generation of Quendi first appeared, ... and so on) to be able to include the date of birth of I, F and E and other data of interest. The 1: 144 ratio would only make us all Elves much older than the other concept. But, yes, we would have to forget about some recurring things in NoME such as the aforementioned birth of Galadriel 20 years before entering Beleriand and the birth of Maeglin in 120 without narrative development.
Perhaps Finduilas's birth could be plausible, but when would Orodreth and Angrod his father have been born?
It is true that these considerations led to the changes in the Tale of Years of the Second and Third Ages in the second edition of TLotR but without consequences in its narrative. Unfortunately we do not have that development here.

3 Apart from the fact that how the texts are presented in NoME does not help to understand them well (how I miss CT !!!!), all the Time and Aging material is developed to "explain" how the March etc, could be carried out and I think that would be out of place (although I could be wrong) and ambiguity would be the best solution.

4 I say the same as in point 3.

In any case I repeat the same thing that I said in the other thread to raise a modified Yenonotie (for example yours Arcus which is in English) and to be able to see among all if it is feasible. That could help us in turn to decide how to deal with the inclusion of text within the narrative.

As I already said elsewhere there are also important (at least for me) decisions to discuss, such as including Imin, Tata and Enel within the ambassadors as shown in one of Tolkien's options. Which could preserve the narration they make to Manw of the Awakening.

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