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As well asAiwendil, I anticipated that the concepts presented in part one of NoME would lead to discussions. I have not yet made up my mind fully about the already given arguments. But I will give some points of my considerations:

First of all the yén of 144 solar years is a given fact that we can not deny. It is given in Appendix D of LotR. So what we have to decide is if the yén is the unit whichs is used for the reconning in AAm. We have discussed this already twice at least. And here Chapter 1: Of the Beginning of Time (look for BD-12) we agreed to be ambiguous about the unit in [b]AAm[/i].
The frist discussion I refered too might be this Creating a new Silmarillion -- some ideas..., but that did not come to final conclusion.

But than again: Do we have to decied at all? Did we use in any part of our editing dates from AAm? I don't think so.

So this problem would come up only if we take up parts of NoME that would specify chronological units which we could maybe avoid.

May impression by the first read was like Aiwendil's that the concepts of Elvish ageing were some waht fluent and in the end contradicted by later cycles of live. So please ArcusCalion explain how you arived at the conclusion that the cycles would 'enhance' the older concept and not contradict it.

I think in the end we face the same problem as Tolkien: A concept that would fit the biography of e.g. Galadriel would create problems in the biography of e.g. Maeglin. In the end we might find that the considerations here will lead us even to let out some parts Laws and Customs that we have included so far.


and I am inclined to thinkt that is still the safest way.
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