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Originally Posted by Pitch
Looking at the above*, I find it noteworthy how Lommy keeps iterating that "something's wrong with Hui/Legate/Boro" in ever so many posts, hammering down the notion that one of them probably is a wolf while wavering and flipflopping about the details all the time, and also juggling some passing suspicion of sally in the other hand but ever reluctant to vote her.

On one hand she looks a lot like a befuddled Ordlůmien, and at the time I could certainly sympathise with her predicament (one of my big mistakes this game, which I'm about to repeat, is hanging around to DL just because I can, whereas my thinking doesn't necessarily get clearer approaching it).

But on the other hand this would also befit a packmate of sally's who was frantically looking for a way to save her but also made sure to suspect her enough to exculpate herself if sally was lynched.
If I had wanted to save Sally, why not go for Lottie? If I recall correctly, it was tied between them for quite a while.

And you know what's funny? That I DIDN'T want to vote for any of Hui/Legate/Boro (I believe I said so several times). I thought there was something weird there (well, we now know it was Legate *side eye*) but I didn't have the time to analyse it, nor the brains when the DL started approaching and it was late here. I was just making a mental note to look at it the next Day. I would have preferred to vote you or Kath (oops... side note: I thought there was something funny about Kath laying low... well indeed) but there didn't seem to be any support for either option, so I decided to choose someone else.

Lottie I did not suspect and Sally I was uncertain of since she hadn't posted much anything and I didn't think the Form kill pointed at her very strongly (and I kinda still don't think that even though I know she was a wolf... I would really like to know after the game if it was a dab at seer elimination or some kind of a no trace kill gone wrong). I thought lynching Sally would be not be the worst option but not the best either, as I thought her chances of being a wolf were not significantly higher than anybody else's and I didn't think it would shed light on others. Meanwhile the Huin/Legate/Boro trio was suspicious and lynching one of them WOULD shed light on the other two (spoiler alert: but it didn't, in hindsight) so I had the brainwave to go for Huin whom I found the most suspicious out of the three. I'll freely admit it was a past-midnight pre-deadline whim, and well, we now know it didn't exactly end in glory. So yeah, I thought Huin was both more (based on behaviour) and less (based on Form's death) suspicious than Sally, so what tipped the scales was the idea that his death would be more informative than hers if he turned out to be an ordo (vs if she turned out to be an ordo).

Originally Posted by Boro to me
You claim that my post is wanting to continue to talk about Huey's messages today. And I say look at my other posts, have I been completely focused on Huey's messages? I don't think so. I brought it up again because I saw your comment as an attempt to cause confusion about the info Huey has given us.
I'm aware I'm arguing with a dead person here, but just saying that this is not a very fair representation of me. I was writing and commenting at the same time, therefore I started with something like "I don't understand Huin" and later in the same (short paragraph) "update: ok I see what Huin means". Perhaps I should have edited that out since by the time I finished reading and writing I understood what Huin had meant (his initial post(s) were confusing to me, after clarification/repetition not) but when I do the thing that I read through the thread and comment as I go (fastest and easiest way to catch up with ww), I usually prefer to leave my old notes there even if they're not so relevant anymore, as long as I update them (as I did here). It's for two reasons: 1) I think it's an act of making my thought process more transparent and 2) because I'm lazy and also if I have already written something it goes to waste if I have to delete it, even if it's stupid.

Originally Posted by Boro
I was responding to Legateto
I might be tired (I didn't go to sleep early yesterday either even though there wasn't ww) but this is making me crack up uncontrollably... imagining some random Italian dude named Legateto...

Originally Posted by Boro
This is unexpected, as is your vote for Legate. I mean so it's a threeway coin-toss in your opinion, and that just looks like nonchallantly "I don't care who it is, just so it's not me." That is very much not something I expect from an innocent Lommy.
I know Boro is innocent, but this still has the same vibe in my head as Palpatine saying the news about him being elected as Supreme Chancellor is "unexpected."

Anyway I don't really follow this logic: if I was a wolf, wouldn't I have cared about my packmate not getting lynched either? When it was so close to wolf victory?

To be honest, I'm rather amazed yesterDay went as well as it did, because I was expecting a disaster. I didn't cherish the situation I was in - giving the wolves something to bandwagon on if I was wrong - but I couldn't stay up until the deadline either. I had started the Day full of determination to find the truth of the wolves' identities by analysing Kath, Sally, and the Boro/Legate/Hui thing, and I had failed to find anything conclusive. Everything was like "looks innocent but could be a bold wolf" or "looks wolvish but could be a confused innocent". I thought whatever I did would be quite likely to be wrong and doom the village (yes, maybe I thought it was about me more than it actually was), so I was feeling pretty helpless when I voted, being almost certain both the wolves would still be there until the deadline and the outcome would be up to them. I didn't think the village had much of a chance. Obviously I'm glad I was wrong, but given that my logic for arriving at Legate (that he was the likeliest to be co-wolves with my other suspects, Pitch and Boro) was based on a terrible foundation, I think it was a rather good three way coin toss, if you will!

What else can I say? I know the real decision toDay is up to Pitch and Soriman, not me or Morsul. At least that's two known innocents. I don't really have any options but to trust you guys. That could be a depressing thought, but this game has been a ride and it feels like it's gone on for an aeon, so to be entirely honest, I'm quite happy to push the final responsibility on your shoulders. No pressure. ;-)

But I just want to say that personally, I think the idea of me bussing my fellow Legate yesterDay is absolutely insane. I could also remind you guys that my vote for Sally was the one to seal her fate without a doubt. If I said I never make bold moves as a wolf I'd be lying, but I am nowhere near that ruthless.
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