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The Magic Isle & Tol EressŽa: But Tol EressŽa was in existance. Therefore I did not remove it.

Eastland or Easterness it is an 'or' not an 'of' we are speaking about. Similar an the shore of Aman was written in the original 'Westland or Westerness'. We can of course take a bigger skript.

Anduin: Yes, Karen Wynn Fonstad came to an other result. I think she changed rather Map V and kept as much of the LotR map as she could, while I rather kept Map V and only added features from the LotR map. In that way she as well opened a pass in the southern Eastward bend of Ered Luin to let out the Baranduin and created a gap between these Eastward bended Ered Luin and the Ered Nimrais that she took from the LotR map. If we look at Map V, all this is one single mountain rnage going from the Iron Mountians in the north-west to the Straits of the World south-east. Fonstad also created an out flow of the Inland Sea. On can argue that such is outflow is necessary, but I am not so sure about that. We have some real world examples that don't have outflows.

Anyhow between the time of Map V and the LotR map we have at least three Ages of the Trees plus about 600 years of the Sun and with the War of Wrath one mayor demiurgic conflict. Therefore I think, Map V is rather to be kept, because the differences to the LotR map are rather explained by the changes that occured in the time inbetween.

In the combined map I made the course of Anduin naturly flowed into the Inland Sea. But maybe I must re-read how Fonstad combined the LotR map and Silmarillion map. Slight differences in scaling might lead to some of the differences and we have two scaling in between. Also it might be worth taking not the map from Sil77 but the one given in HoME.

So I have to start again more or less from scrap. But since I this time I will take along the eastern extrension of the LotR map at least I will see if the the eastern Mountain Range on the LotR map is identical with the Orocarni or not. And once the features from the LotR map are added, the rest of the work (covering all the labels and unwanted features and addinbg the new labels) is not lost.

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