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I have finished the work on Map IV. Therefore here my changes:
- This Map must represent the state after the Fall of the Lamps and the first fortification of Valinor but before the War of the Powers. Therefore the way of the Elves from Cuiviénen to Beleriand is anachronistic. I think we must remove it.
- Tún: We should remove this as well, since at the time of this map Túna was not jet there.
- Eldaros (Elvenhome): Same here, no Elves in Valinor so no name ‘Elvenhome’.
- Bay of Elfland: And again, no Elves means no name ‘Bay of Elfland’.
- The Enchnated or Magic Isles: In our text we tell that these Isle were put into the sea at the Hidding of Valinor. Therefore we must remove the Isles and the name.
- The Shadowy Isles are a different case. In our text they are only once mentioned and that is in the vision of Tuor at the end of his talk with Ulmo. As we know nothing more the Isle could already be there at the time Map IV represents, so I would simply let them stand.
- The Straits of Ice: Only the Helcaraxë is drawn. The other three are only written in. In addition we have an issue with the comparision between Map IV and Diagram II. The Straits of Ice are seen in the North-South-Cut of Diagram II, which means that they covered the full breadth of ‘Pelmar’. If that is so, do we show that in Map IV? If we do, it would be a lot of work and probably look a bit monoton, since we have not much to work with. At first I added drawings of the Straits of Ice only like that of the Helcaraxë and evnen that looked ‘forced’. (Luckily the Straits of Ice are neither named nor drawn in Map V.)
- I would shy back from adding the Hithaeglir on this map, but I think we can assume that Angband was older and that the map represents the time between the building of Angband and the rearing up of the Hithaeglir.
Labels to be used, from above left to below right:
- ‘V’ written head down in the upper right corner is to be removed
- North Formen
- ‘The World about V.Y. 500 after the fall of the Lamps Helkar and Ringil and the first fortification of the North by Melko’ => ‘The World after the fall of the pillars of the Lamps Helcar and Ringil and the first fortification of the North by Melkor’
- Utumna => Where Utumna is marked on the Map in the later concept Angband was. Wherefore we should lable that dot ‘Angband’
- We should add ‘Utumno’ makred as similar dot about the center of the land behind the Iron Mountains.
- Vaiya => Ekkaia
- Helkarakse => Helcaraxë
- Beleriand
- Iron Mountains
- Straits of Ice
- Falasse => Falas
- Northland
- Eruman => Araman
- ‘Westerness’: I think we must remove this since that word was later only used for Númenor. In its place I would here repeat ‘Westland’
- Blue Mountains
- Red Mountains
- Eastland
- Shadowy Isles
- Chasm of Ilma => Chasm of Ilmen
- ‘Belegar or Great or West Sea’ => ‘Belegaer or Great or West Sea’
- ‘Sea of Helkar’ => ‘Sea of Helcar’
- Kuiviénen => Cuiviénen
- West Númen
- Valinor
- Valmar
- Mountains of Valinor
- Taniqetil => Taniquetil
- Tol Eressea => Tol Eressëa
- Pelmar or Middle-Earth
- Endon Earth-middle => Endor Earth-middle
- Mid-land
- Mts. of the Wind
- Hildórien
- East Sea
- Lands of the Sun
- Mts. or Walls of the Sun
- East Rómen
- Chasm of Ilmen
- Arvalin => Avathar
- ‘Westland or’ => Westland
- Sea of Ringil
- Chasm of Ilma => Chasm of Ilmen
- Straits of Ice
- Grey Mountains
- Southland
- Yellow Mountains
- Straits of Ice
- Vaiya => Ekkaia
- ‘The Magic Isles & Tol-eressea are shown as they were placed much later.’: I think we should remove the Magic Isles and this note.
- South Hyarmen

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