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Ok, I'm back, and I have some more.

~101 smilies that could be added to the smilie list.
~101 things you could talk about with another BDer in person.
~101 things you could do to Wormtounge after he's found out as evil.
~101 places you'd want to go in ME.
~101 things you'd like to do in ME.
~101 questions you'd want to ask in ME.
~101 reasons why there should be a actment (can't say reanactment, cause it never happened *don't kill me*) of LotR in your back yard.
~101 things to do with all the BDers in one place.
~101 reasons NOT to have all the BDers in one place.
~101 reasons to have all the Leggy lovers suddenly and misteriously disappear.

I promise I'll be back yet again.... Just gotta think of more.
I have a very short attention span, and it sometimes affects me when I'm, ooo a squirrel....
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