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I reply for the sake of continuing this game, although I have already given my initial responce to Cuthalion's question.

The game will still be able to end how it was planned, and it is an ending I like very much - I believe the initial idea was probably for Melost's 'curse' to come true, and for the person Arthain loved most in the world to die in his arms, that person, ironically, being Melost. Vlad and the rest of the outlaws could join the war, to some extent, and it could be Vlad to carry to news of the deaths to Anwanelme, as you wished before: alternatively, the game could maybe end in parallel, with Anwanelme on one side of the story and the battle on the other, ending with the dramatic peak of the two best friends' deaths.

I thought this was the sketchy initial plan - what do you think?
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