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OK, people...time out!

We all need to get on the same page here. To that end, let's take a step back at look at the situation as it stands...

Discounting the characters with the armies, we are now two parties, one under Vlad, one under Melost. Here's what still needs to happen:

1. Melost is still out to kill Arthain, though he will not succeed. he will come close, then realise that he love he bears for his friend won't allow him to and they reconcile.

2. Vanima...please PM Maika.

3. Both Melost and Arthain will die...Melost first. I had originally intended for Vlad to take the news of their deaths to Anwen...but am not sure if that's still happening now.

I need to hear from ALL of you about how to finish this out. All questions and comments are welcome. My thanks!
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