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I was wondering (rereading Gilfanon's Tale) - are Nuin, Ermon, and Elmir still valid in the later mythology - are they "canon"? I find the story (or at least the fragments of it that were actually written) pretty intriguing...but that's not the point - there is nothing contradicting the later writings in the general outline of the story (of course, it would still need revisions).

What I find very alluring about the said characters is that Nuin (if you don't count Morw and Nurw and El according to some versions of the story of Maeglin) is the only Avarin Elf mentioned by name anywhere - and he actually plays a pretty large role in the Awakening of Men. Which brings me to another point - Ermon and Elmir are also (as in the matter of Nuin) the ONLY unbegotten Men ever named in Tolkien's writings. Maybe there is a place for at least some of the concepts of the story in our revision. What are the others' thoughts on the matter?

P.S. Yes, and what about Tareg the Ilkorin and Tu (Tvo)?
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