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Both decisions were discussed and made before my time as active member in this project. As both are really basic decisions I fully agree that, if we are to re-discuss them, we should do that as soon as possible.
The discussions I could find (not the oldest that were done as it seems) are in the private forum, which is a pity and observed already when they were made as a mistake but not easily correctable now.

Rejecting Ælfwine was a unanimous consent at a time when 10 members were active. To change that in the given situation with the rules we have given our self for such cases would require new facts brought forward and a new unanimous consent of all now active members.

For the round earth version it could be even more difficult, so there it was only a vote. The vote was:
- A) Round Earth 1
- B) Flat Earth as mannish legend with Elves did know better 1
- C) Flat Earth 7
With only two voters still around to retake the vote [1 B), 1 C)] you need a lot of supports to skip that vote to A). I myself was the B) voter and even back then I remarked that I am symphatic to A). That would make it 1:7 or if lindil would vote again a 1:6 that you have to overcome with a better ratio in the new vote. But since I think lindil will most probably not change his vote the standing would be 2:1. So we are in need of at least 5 additional A) supporters. I can’t that this is reachable for the time being.

About your P.S.: Before Columbus the Spanish were also the greatest mariners of their time. As the Númenóreans they surrounded the equivalent of Middle-Earth in our world (Africa and Aisia) reaching Japan. But they all believed that our world was a flat earth.
the Númenóreans were the most advanced human civilization that ever was
Where does Tolkien state that? It is not Platos Atlantis we speak about but Tolkiens Atalantë. They are advanced for their time, but as shown above that does not matter much.

But anyhow all your arguments would count against version B) but what the project decided to do was version C) => real flat earth up to the downfall of Númenor when the world became round. Thus the knowledge of the Elves and Númenóreans were true at the time and the stories of the first age and before could be elvish.


P.S.: Beside the flat / round earth issue the nail prove for any such working hypothesis will come when we work on chapter 14 Of the Sun and Moon and the Hiding of Valinor.
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