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About the inclusion of the Lost Road chapters: I agree that the chronology has to be changed, but probably we should look to a younger genration. The scene discribed in which the father see the need to speak to his son is the approaching war and the fear of father that the son might be called to the weapon taking.
Therefore the talk must be palced between 3310 when Ar-Pharaz˘n began the building of the Great Armament and 3319 when he set forth to conquere Valinor.
The only one approaching full manhoud at this time in the line of the Lords of Andunie is Islidurs eldest son, Elendur (and even he barely).

If we take Elendur replacing Herendil, we can chose if he speaks to his father Isildur or to his Grandfather Elendil, but the time of the conversation must be as late as possible not earlier then 3317 when Elendur is 18 years old.

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