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It is also interesting to note that, despite Túrin's pride and arrogance, he managed to destroy only 1/3 of the remaining Elven kingdoms (not directly, of course).

It was actually Húrin himself who was the main "bio-weapon" of Morgoth. But considering his bitterness and his "evilness", I don't know about you, but if I was chained for 28 years and during that time forced to watch the ruin of everything that I hold dear, I would be little more than bitter and hate-filled - and even though he DID guess the purpose of Morgoth behind his release, what should've he done? In the words of Húrin himself (speaking to the dying Manthor):

Why, must I not still walk in the world?
Besides, the king and the realm, which he was protecting for so long and by such a heavy cost to himself and his kin, have basically disowned him when they heard that Morgoth released him (although Turgon did, ultimately, repent of his decision, it was by then too late) - and one more thing that just crossed my mind - had Turgon sent Thorondor to fetch Húrin when he first heard of his release, then Gondolin would stand at least for a while longer - and both the fate of Húrin AND the fate of the realms and peoples entwined with his fate might have been a little different.

Yes, in the end, Morgoth WOULD have prevailed, but at much greater cost to himself, and at much lesser cost to those who opposed him (at least as it seems to me).

Sorry for such a long rant, but my point is this - none should lightly judge people (especially in the case of Húrin).

P.S. I know, I know...I'm almost done...but basically everyone treated Húrin with a despicable disrespect when he was released - and they brought doom to themselves BY themselves.
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