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Túrin was proud - overproud. He brought his "curse" upon himself - or if we want to go "cosmic", then Ilúvatar himself "cursed him".

The TIME is no different than the SPACE - it has its boundaries, which, inside a finite universe, they are set. If Ilúvatar is omnipotent, he cannot be omniscient, and vice-versa.

And IF Ilúvatar is ONLY omniscient he is bound by his knowledge of both past, present, and the future - therefore, there is no deed which he can do that he didn't foresee.

And IF Ilúvatar is ONLY omnipotent, than he cannot see the future (which includes his OWN actions). But then again, if he is omnipotent he SHOULD be able to see the future (one aspect of omnipotence - ability to do ANYTHING at will) - and then WHAT?

Omnipotence and omniscience are NOT compatible. Unless you are willing to do some really elaborate mental gymnastics. And even then, you would only break your bones.

But that is the atheist and materialist speaking in me. And I digress.

Concerning Túrin - we can only speculate - his story reminds me of ancient Nordic sagas in which FAITH had an integral part - faith, mind you, in the sense of a path set before the individual by forces greater than his own. And, interestingly enough, I subscribe to this view of the world.

Though I do NOT believe in any god (even the God) or any "higher" power, I still think that any deed I have ever done or that I will ever do, is firmly set already in the thread of time.

I CAN NOT change anything - meaning, even if I change something, it would STILL be not a change, but a simple following of the said thread. It is only in my own mind that such concepts as "free will" and "faith" arise - they are but illusions - electro-chemical jesting in my squishy soft lump of fat called the brain.

Thank you for you reply, Galadriel! And I hope you will have patience to read mine too - and, maybe, understand a thing or two I have raved about .
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