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Hmmmmm...glad to see that I'm not the only walking corpse here. (While I'm at it, can you tell me if there are any active (for lack of a better word) users around here - I can't seem to spot any beside you and me.)

Anyway, I'm still a bit in the dark concerning the Ainulindalė and the first two chapters of the Quenta: you said that you have taken a good chunk of the Ainulindalė and transferred it into the beginning of the Quenta. Now, what are the dividing points - in other words, where did you end the Ainulindale? And with what did you start Of the Beginning of Time and Of Valinor and the Two Trees?

Concerning Cķrdan (and rest of the material which is in the form of essays) - I seem to think that (like I said), that there is too much discrepancy in the tone to put it into the narrative, if you follow me. I know that the focus of the project is not primarily concerned with the style, but I still feel a little uncomfortable with such a drastic shift in the tone of the text. Although I'm not really hellbent on it.

One more thing - I don't have access to Vinyar Tengwar nor Parma Eldalamberon, so it would more than welcome if you (if you have them) add (or propose adding) some stuff from VT or PE which otherwise might have been lost.
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