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Regarding Of the Coming of the Elves - I'm not entirely sure if the Clan-names should be kept inside the main body of the text - I think it should go in the appendices; same thing with the Cuivienyarna (sort of like the Tale of Adanel in the Athrabeth).

And I respectfully disagree with the splitting of the chapters Of the Beginning of Time and Of Valinor and the Two Trees.

I don't think that the chapters should be needlessly fragmented - perhaps demoting Of Valinor and the Two Trees into a sub-chapter of Of the Beginning of Time would be a more elegant solution - but that's just my two cents.

P.S. I'm currently (and probably most foolishly) trying to juggle with two chainsaws called "trying to finish the tales of the First Age" and "starting a work on the Second Age without a clear chapter outline". So forgive me if I let a brain fart or two while discussing certain topics of interest.
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