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Re: Mandos?

HoME 10 contains the history of Finwe and Miriel and also addresses elvish customs including marriage. Elves marry for life. No divorce and no remarriage allowed generally. Miriel's abandonment of her body was deemed a perversion caused by Melkor's marring of Arda, as was Finwe's desire to remarry after Miriel's departure to Mandos. After careful consideration, the Valar decided that Finwe could remarry only if Miriel chose to never leave Mandos. She so chose. After Finwe was slain, he was reunited with Miriel and they decided Miriel would emerge from Mandos. If Finwe was then rebodied, he would have two wives, a violation of law. So Miriel's return from Mandos meant Finwe could not emerge. This was their choice.

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