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Originally Posted by Findegil View Post
I think it is best to discuss one after the other and would like to start with Tal-Elmar. The overall goal speaks for including it. But there are at least two major issues that I can forsee:
1. The geography. JRR Tolkien himself noted that the tale needed revision to fit to the region of the mouth of Anduin. Under our rules we will have a very hard time to do that.
2. The end of the story. We have included other unfinished texts, but then we normaly had older version or at least some summarys to work out a conclusion. Here we have only some thin statements of what was to follow.

Nonetheless I for the time being vote for trying if we can handle the issues of not. If we feel the result is not good enough we can still skip it. But I think it is at least worth a trial.uimg
1. Geography - I think it should be vague.
1. The mystery of the story is rather inttiguing
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