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Originally Posted by me
Ok so the dead are convinced Soriman is innocent beyond doubt?

I'm sorry but without an actual explanation that's only 95% certain for me.

But that doesn't make a difference. I have already voted for Morsul (who, therefore, is 95% likely a wolf), and Morsul has voted for me.
Just for clarification, I'm not trying to say Morsul is 95% likely a wolf because I voted for him (I wish I had that power!), but that since I'm 95% sure Soriman is innocent, I'm 95% sure Morsul is a wolf.

Originally Posted by Pitch
I can't wait to find out what was going on behind the curtains of the otherworld yesterDay.
I really want to know everything they said during the game, and the clues they got! Just my luck to stay alive until the end in a game where the dead have a lot to do.

And I think Lottie is saying she's personally unsure about me and Morsul. Well, that's not very helpful.

Originally Posted by Pitch
That depends on Soriman's preferences, I'm flexible.
I think I just choked on my tea.

Originally Posted by Pitchwife
Seriously though, where is the horn that was blowing = Boromir! With him gone, the remaining innocents must trust their own wisdom.
Fair point. Hard of me to think of him as the paragon of innocence since I spent the whole game not being able to trust him, but the village is certainly quieter without him.

Originally Posted by Soriman
Many appologies for missing deadline, I missed it by 5 mins caught up doing other things.
It's okay, it happens to everyone. I could tell you an anecdote about the weirdest explanation I've heard for a (near) missed deadline in a ww game, but I would rather forget it myself.

Originally Posted by Morsul
So many words to obfuscate and confuse. I’ve given my thoughts unless a direct question is asked I have nothing to add Lommy is the wolf and writing essays to confuse and discombobulate.
I am merely defending myself against the arguments that have been made against me after I departed yesterDay. Long or short, that's a matter of playing style. Confusing? I admit my ww playing style often resembles stream of consciousness, so maybe. But if it meant I was a wolf, I'd be a wolf in every single game.

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