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Well, let's see...

*shuffles through the stack of books and magazines by her chair

1.) September’s issue of Fantasy&ScienceFiction
  • It has a challenge proposed by Harlan Ellison – in all his long writing career he’s had only two ‘nubbins’ of story-ideas he’s been unable to transmogrify into full narrative. Three writers were engaged by the editor of F&SF, Gordon Van Gelder, to see what they could do with, as Ellison writes, “the idea that’s been tumbling in my mental bingo cage for at least forty years”. Very much looking forward to enjoying their efforts.

2.) A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin
  • Book Four of A Song of Ice and Fire – am taking this camping. With the temptation of internet access removed, I plan to float about on the clear waters of Waldo Lake in my canoe, soaking up a few rays and stepping back into the Seven Kingdoms.

3.) The Book of Ballads – illustrated by Charles Vess
  • Intro by Terry Windling on the history of ballads; 13 old ballads in the English, Scottish, and Irish tradition presented in their original lyrics, and then “reimagined in sequential-art form" by various fantasy writers and Charles Vess’ drawings. ‘The False Knight on the Road’ – Neil Gaiman; ‘Barbara Allen- - Midori Snyder; ‘Tam-Lin’ – Elaine Lee; ‘Twa Corbies’ – Charles de Lint; and many more delights.

4.) Peter and the Shadow ThievesRidley Pearson and Dave Barry
  • Hopefully as engaging an adventure as the first book, Peter and the Starcatchers.

5.) Tapping the Dream Tree – Charles de Lint
  • A collection of stories about the fictional/magical town of Newford by a great storyteller of modern urban myth.
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