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Next 5 books on your list.

This question has been seriously throbbing in my frontal lube now for the last few months. I believe it is simply the fact that I have only read about a fourth of my collection, which of course makes me wonder. Every time I finish a new novel, within moments my mind is high on possibilities. What to read next? What should I read? And also ‘What do I feel like reading’. So many genres out there each giving me different reactions. But I think we’ll stick with Fantasy Ficiton or Speculative Fiction for now. So, if you could, list the next 5 novels in this genre that you will read next (and maybe a real small answer of ‘why’). I know, the words ‘will read’ can be a real reading dilemma. But nothing is written in stone here.

At this moment, my list would go something like this. *Not in numerical order

1. The Princess Bride – William Goldman (in the mood for a humorous one)
2. Jhereg – Steven Brust (heard too much about him to ignore)
3. The Iron Dragon’s Daughter – Michael Swanwick (recommendation)
4. Meditations on Middle-Earth – Karen Haber (editor)
(respectable authors and essays? Why not?!)
5. The People of the Black Circle – Robert E. Howard
(Who wouldn't want to?!)

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