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Huinesoron is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Huinesoron is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Was feeling a little artsy, so yesterday I finished off the headers in the Libretto: all songs should now have associated photos of Dolgoch ravine with lyrics over them.

I've also put together the background image for the Showdown, seen here in its Sauron-ascendant form:

Looking over the six remaining songs:
  • Heart is a mix of Amarie's forest, the Brethil set from Camp, and the arches also from Camp.
  • Hate is the Dark Nargothrond set again, probably with Doriath showing up behind the arches.
  • Prison Duet is Sauron's throne room (with ice in place).
  • Truth... well. I'm hoping to do some really special stuff here, involving Finrod's emblem emerging from white, and a fly-through of the Lament set, off into the West. Theoretically, I have all the art for this - the ability is still unclear.
  • Showdown is this image.
  • Ballad will need a full set of 'where are they now' pictures (eg B&L in Ossiriand, Thingol facing down a bunch of dwarves, and absolutely definitely the wedding of Finrod and Amarie), and then I'm picturing a ship slowly sailing away into the West. All of that is still to do.

So basically, anything other than the very last song, I should be able to put together!

My preference would be to get Heart done, because that would complete Act One; but as we want to finish both acts, I'm fine with whatever you can compose.

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