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piosenniel 03-14-2011 05:51 PM

Welcome! Take the Roleplay Gaming Tour
Welcome to the Roleplaying section of the Barrow Downs!

You’re invited to visit our two sections listed below:

GAME PLAYING (you’re here now :) )
  • Explore some of the RPG’s already in play and get a taste of how games are played here on the Barrow-Downs. If you see one you’d like to join, put a post on that game’s Discussion Thread asking the Facilitator of the game if it’s possible to play. Many of the games are open to taking on new players. You’ll find the Facilitators and the other game players eager to help you as needed.

  • Stop by here to familiarize yourself with the Guidelines for writing in the Barrow-Downs RPG’s.
  • Find the Character Bio Form
  • Look at the Resources for RPG’s where you can pick up facts, pointers, clarifications that you can use to enrich your RPG writing.
  • Index to Completed RPG’s – Here there are links to all the games and Inn threads played in the previous incarnation of the RPG Forum.
  • Quick Ideas for RPG’s – once you’ve played in a Barrow-Downs’ RPG and are ready to facilitate a game, there are plenty of suggestions here to get your imagination going.

  • Prior to putting your RPG into play, brainstorm your Game outline, recruit Players, and discuss your ideas and concepts with other members.
  • Getting Started On Your RPG Idea – learn about the basic game types: Plot Based Games and Character Based Games; Responsibilities of Game Facilitators; Using a Planning thread and making a Game outline.


If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact me, the RPG Forum Moderator - piosenniel.

Thanks! & have fun RP'ing!!!!

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