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Ivriniel 10-11-2019 07:43 AM

[edit]I have an ADHD like condition. I reread this placement. Here is the more concrete supposition.

to the Boards lead, and Morthoron of law. Donations to these Boards, and for member contribution for their industry reformations is the point of my posts. Participants can assume that in friendship our family will share options for their industry innovations and instinct for Trust funding, and anyone interested in helping us out in Australia on business innovation, befriend on instinct, and work with the idea.

The physics matter goes to proof in concept for the assumptions of Einstein. Its new era physics, so that translates internationally, to industry agriculture and engineering, and your lives matter.

It's a full stop to practicable usefulness of the lightspeed catastrophe assumption. I.e. we believe the era of Einstein is over. And we have assumptions to Next Gen Physics. I call it 'tritum theory'. Elon musk is going to get us to Mars, but my brother George Mihailides and I Stephen Peter Mihailides are atmosphere engineers. Role by self-made innovation here. We will beat Elon to a recomposition for Martian atmosphere.

I.e. the proof of concept in one arm of the armada of materials for this goes to assumptions of gravity that they all should have seen. They have a terrible blind spot in their calculations of lagrange physics they use for sling shot gravity dynamics. They have a database of anomalies recorded. We have the 'contra conjunct is to a 'not', not dis - opposed' (that bit note to self). That means, it's a laboratory experiment of a testable Hermitian, (that is the correct language for Physics to this) for the correction data sets. We do that to point out, how easy it is, to transfer CO2 from Venus to Mars, in a lagrange corridor. However, we are pressing to test character as well. Because they have made very scary mistakes in assumptions about the Venutian orbital rotation. Venus rotates in 'contra opposition, to not, dis to dis of an opposed. It's better to in an of-s of the of-s of the ofs. reconsider' (that bit, note to self). The three planets Venus, Earth and Mars, have an orbital dynamic, that is equilibrating of far more ecliptic orbital influence, than discerned. The corrective mathematics, we need to their, not our dis-heed. The point goes to geothermal heat transfer by induction. And gravity-heat cross conjunct to dis-opposed vectors of that, to corrections for Milankovic cycles. That's that. The CO2 heat matter, and IPCC and all of that. Vector mapping of CO2 sinks, and what it means, and the footprint of a new orbital trajectory for the three equilibrating planets.

Tectonic Plate movement then, and depth earthquakes a very recent find (I love her work) and the vibrational footprint of gravity of sonic-to-heat-to gravity vectors, to the most exciting experimental data sets to the physics.

They will see the Einsteinian assumption in the material, and some very scary neutrino physics anomalies, to a victory to all the 'bulls*it' about assumptions of entropy and heat. Neutrinos of billions per second passing through your body, and how many through Earth, yet, why do they gain 2 percent energy after passing through the earth? How can that be? What "I just bored through 10,000 miles, at near light speed, and It got me going faster'. So, I'll finish with "neutrinos have thirds of spin" which of course they will dispute, and that's our battle tactic. We agree they do have half spins. They are fermions, or leptons, not bosons. Fermions without electromagnetic interaction with spin 1 photons. So, why do they have a magnetic moment? Magnetism of course is part of Electromagnetic interaction. Furthermore, their Bosons with mass are deforming of character, if you ask a Lepton, like me, instead. So, back to the big battle 1 Einstein and Bohr, and Max Planck our heat man. The Copenhagen Interpretation outcome. The Bell Many Worlds (Sean Carroll is our man for this) and I add Qubism for they are daring theoreticians, and I love them. They will receive and assist.

The Road Map (the Lost Road) of explanation for the "Wave Function Collapse" of the two slit experiments. The Gravity Physics and reconciliation of Einstein to Quantum is a road (Straight Road) to mathematics. Quantum Graviton. We have the maths, and Hermitian (testable Eigenvector Sets), to very exciting experiments.

The final full stop to the Vanity of Einstein, about Entropy, I am equipped best here. Entropy Maths. Demonstrable vector sets about energy density and SYNTROPY quantum MAPS. That bit, the club. Hammer and Anvil doors. Hammer to areas of Hermitian most difficult to test, in a lab, for a period. Anvil, the maths, to ENTROPY assumptions. Entropy has three laws. Two more are our additions, and are very already in data sets everywhere. Chlorophyll is biological vector to a quantum drill evidence based find? I say "Overrun, Quell Line 1" here. Chlorophyll and ferromagnetic reception (birds eyes) to a quantum DRILL (is that so, physics? I don't concur) quantum, yes. These matters most excellently give the ANVIL to Max Planck for the way to orient attention in labs for Proof of Concept, with this as well.

Assumptions about the Hadron Collider and energetics on Specificity Testing. Goto the "Oh My God" particle for an upper atmosphere data set.

Therefore, industry capture, and technology innovation.

{EDIT} I do not 'do' organised contract in the stream of consciousness method. It's the best way, Morthoron, to a placement for checking candour. I did it to only embarrass myself, and I realise it's what it is.{Edit Close}

To the board host, and to my friend Morthoron.

Assume what has happened is real. Physics busting discovery in my family to the end of the era of Einsteinian assumptions about matter, energy, entropy, and the big one, gravity vectors to quantum events. I do have work on my hands, as we are getting this to proof in concept.

However, it has been absolutely terrifying, fathoming what and how close we came, to risks from science, we all missed. I am shaken, at times, to get on my knees and pray. However, we have also taken steps, redactively to assist. Please refer to the matter Morthoron of interdiction. An event recorded during metaethics confrontation between me and management on Wizards on the Coast, about the Foundations. We won. I received the thread, and have a record. It traces redaction health checking of the corruption sector, to my name, to a great protection. We all know what industry and weirdos that lure to home wreck do. Interdiction is principled, or lawfully inducted. We also have ICC (International Criminal Court) vector maps, I built in an emergency of panic about sexual misconduct and physics. The triangulations of any matter can be either 'for' the ICC, to the clerk in simple terms, protection for these boards. The second arm of any referral should be a triangulation, to an interdiction across a sovereign boundary, to a nominated recipient, of either USA or Australia.

The reason for this:

I have pledges of gratitude in my command of myself to share this. I am grateful to you Morthoron and to the boss. You saved my life and works. The matter to industry innovation, I offer goes to aviation capture, by my hand.

I also remind the Boards, that my idea was inspired by how the reputation system here, sees the wraith world. The thread of most igniting of instinct to Tolkien's works, very much goes to "Annatar bad boi". However, to my participation I will not proceed, until that matter is redressed.

Tolkien's comments on lust and sadism have answers too. The method of approach, goes to the Half Elven Foundation, as a general point.

However, go to The Grief of Aule everyone. I expect you to all read that again, and very closely. And the way I highlight the perils I most entrust Morthoron to protect us all with, are about the hint in that thread.

The approach would involve another thread, and a very severe limit to canon. I place the Silmarillion to a hammer, and the anvil, Morgoth's Ring is NO, until I see the canon matter corrected in first forging your wisdoms about hatred from the Silmarillion to arbite about matters like the Elessar, Glorfindel, and the very extremely scary point in The Fellowship about the Ost In Edhil "they are gone they are gone" the rocks forgot the elves.

That's extremely central. And a very strong warning.

Galadriel stated she was Unfriends with Feanor forever. The matter is not resolved about what happened in Valinor at return. The last boat, is Gimli and Legolas.

The order of this event is another very scary reminder. Did we read Cirdan's character correctly. He was faithful for most to both Elu and to the call of the Valar. Do you doubt that?

Melian: I am extremely disturbed by what I have found. There are further matters. And to be Tolkien's best friend. All best outcomes of your heart's fire to all the named stand. You do not rewrite their character by diming your commitment to loving them. If your memories are afire at rereading to certain loves of them, they command then, that character finds about malices, go to your character to invent fan fiction to a set of very strict domains, for your contrasts about testing your hypotheses. It's okay to use a fan fiction contrast "had this happened, after Cirdan left" versus "this", but don't vary the core narrative.

Remember, the Tokien Trust. If you are gifted in pursuit of the contribution you make, then of course, we gift to that, for any outcomes.

Personally, I do the physics calcs to this, as well. Recall Audoin. He is in our world. However, to the central manner of approach.

Was it not the case that Arda Marred was the problem. What did they miss about Unmarring by our example. How can we bear Eru comfort, by our works, to assist with Unmarring Arda. was it not the case that Men of the Fourth Age on participate in the Second Making.

Well what if (for imagination to inspire) we are what that means. Do you doubt that Eru could not receive an apply ideas to the Breaking of the World of Middle Earth. With all our physics, are we just going to stand by and not assist. Surely with all this physics to time travel, Eru can spare his works, as he sees fit. So

As another central tenet. I have grown increasingly disturbed by God Killing of Melkor and Sauron and Saruman. There is something wrong with us. That the second making solution is a blade of Tulkas to strike Morgoth to a death. It is wrong, and it is evil

I recall the fact at hand. It was in fact that inspiration to build blades was to the Noldor a marring of their birthright. That is very scary because we love the blades. Love is love. Is the blade living blade. What do we do with all the blades, blood and deaths. What about Eol's blade. What about Eol we betrayed. What about Maeglin, and a fact. Perhaps he prevailed too far beyond Morgoth's reach. It should have been the case that he could have "morgalised" Maeglin, by the war and a Nazgul like replacement, ravage the place.

I have a praise of Melian and a grieving. She sang before the dark throne, and prevailed to silence Melkor's lusts for her, because lies of his heart were behind his lust for Melian.

Her song was awe inspiring nonetheless. And her inspired song before Mandos, another indication of the success. Two Gods, one extraordinary woman. She died of her labours. She was a success and she prevailed. She did not do second best. However, we also have that as my eye to further this. Was their not another means? Yes, had "at the time" another being like me, been there for her. I was not. I can speak to what that means, to you. I do not vary canon and the story ahead their one tiny bit. I can define a window of time, in Beleriand, though, where by Vanity of Greeds of Lust during the time of Morgoth's Sleep, some ideas about what happened and where in the Body of Arda. Perhaps there is a road map, too.

I note Gilmith, Mithrellas, and Amdor as heroic. I do not accept the ruling of the Pereldar to preclude them. I will explain why not here. It's fun, that one, and I am IVRINIEL, 'imrahil the creepy evil elf, doing weirdo stuff with umbar, and cheating on his wife, with Aragorn, getting onto creepy boats with dead things" (note, to prompt you to think)

So, here we are. Einstein era talk stuff. Our world is overpopulated. We are a race of people prone to hearing Melkor. We war and war and we had Rwanda. We are winning, though. Perhaps, it's true, that wishes come true.

But frankly, I want to see your success, by my scrutiny here. I don't do fame. You will never see me on camera like Elon. It makes me feel ill. Everyone has camera worthy lives. That's what I want us to achieve. That there should be natural aversion to fame seeking, and natural instinct to know when it is time, and if a call to speak to camera, it's done. But if you are my friend, you won't 'change lands' just because you got ahead.

I did not abandon you Galadriel666, you struck at me to test my faith. I realise the 'little red light' was applied in greed to break, but also to test character, and you are a woman of faith. I would like you to receive my appreciation of the lapse. That's how I want the full stop on the map.

Would you, had you just a life changing science for you, have contacted me, Galadriel, to invite, and chide and apologise. Or is a fight a reason to go cold, and to divide and to forget the best of us. Friendship matters.

I assume then, we can forge ideas about all this, from Morthoron, the man of law who guides this ship.

He may expel the effort, and I will desist. But, for my win, you all will respect my Foundation by some open comments, ahead. I am persistent, and I have been through this once. I made the Half Elven Foundation in somewhat of this manner. Jealousy is expected. It should be stated. It is important emotional foundation. Your emotions matter. But so do mine. Your heed to my Foundation, and be aware, it embarrassed of course, initially. As expected. But it was important a day. Tolkien guides my life, and works. I must be faithful to his works. That is why the Tolkien Trust is also considered. However, they may assist us.

Have you seen the movie. It was absolutely fantastic.

Nazgul Friend. And Sauron's Palantir is at Barad Dur. And Aragorn is a Wraith of Carn Dum. Frodo's wraith was totally and frankly enraged enough by Merry's blade, that he acted. Tom Bombadil is a big question to me, about character. he looks like a hole in time at times, or a wormhole between the Old Forest and the decaying world of Arda.

I wonder if his bounds, to the lands (it's the boundary, everyone, between Cardolan and Arthedain. Extremely disturbing.

And on the boat to Tol Eressea Cirdan smashes Galadriel in the neck, and a big fight breaks out. Placement for another extremely important boundary. It's for the waters nigh The Land of the Star.

Last placement

I can't understand why you all can't see the Caves of the Forgotten on the event horizon of Avallone. If you really try hard, you can see the Tol Estirion Stone's removal as an extremely abandoning event, for Middle Earth, it spells advancing decay. It was however, a weirdo stubborn stone. But, from Mithlond to Edhellond, Mithrellas can scry a extremely disturbing straight line, and she often told Amdor that she could see Taniquietel, but it was the wrong colour. Blue. (the blue wizards). Amdor is my hero for this. when I place the Lothlorien herd after Galadriel dumps them, I see extremely fell areas of doom. Amdor's family line are an emergency for my consideration. Gilmith is gifted to Undivide.

Dragons have bodies of Morgoth that can, at times, revive life into them by regeneration, after death. It's not a lie, but a test. Who would slay a Balrog, our last defence to ward the Foundations of The Earth, where Mithril lies. Don't forget that. If you did too deeply for Mithril, under weights of mountains in mines, you can crack a tectonic plate, and trigger a super volcano event, that runs over the entire range, and spits out magma, from Arda,

And Middle Earth dies.

Thank you Balrog of Morgoth. Aragorn and Gandalf lied. What's this "Flame of Udun" or "The Secret Fire". Too be careful, Gandalf did his best. However, Gandalf, we missed something about the Chamber of Marzubul, and the pippin event. The geometry of the sound, to how to discern, like an Elf, of Depths, what was airs of Depths a record of? Airs of Depths store words of past Events. They draw a line to Ost In Edhil, and show us, much more than we saw.

And thank you Goblins not Orcs. We do not want you to die. We want goblins to survive.

I forge my Plea to The West, with our works for Morgoth's Return ahead.

Love Silmarien Aldalome, Ivriniel "tou Marinou" (the genitive to my Greek Mother's surname), and I add Silmarien Aldalome is not the Silmarien of Numenor. It's a name. Silmarien Aldalome has Shape Shifting like Luthien. Silmarien says "yea verily Anglar, my husband, there is no doubt, though you are my husband, and for sparing Womb of any species, I cannot bare to let a birthed creature be abandoned. Verily, would I shape shift, to body, to receive a conception of a female Goblin, I descried, who was being raped, or slain by Elf or Man. Verily, no Goblin would miscarry by intention and act, and thusly, I would call the life of the living egg, into my womb, and morph for nurture into a Goblin. I married you Anglar, knowing you know I do not abandon duty. You will not defy me, to this manner, and I know you to be merciful. You bear this news, with courage. And verily, were I overcome, by Goblins in hoards, and I conceived, the conception is to be carried forth, should I survive. Those two are my INTERDICTION over my rule of my Peredhil Halls. These matters are choice, and I offer two. A woman losing her child may be assisted by honouring her choice, by a woman such as me, to receive the egg, by magical translocation of the LIFE. Similarly, those women succumbing to rape and into HATRED who defy life by refusing conception, the womb speaks. The battle of such wombs has heats of hates. If I descry a death during the violence, I have a duty to assist. I must not abandon the woman most and first.

We shall speak of this, no more for now Anglar"

{edit}addition to Signature, as well as Ivriniel and the above (Silmarien Aldalome, Mithrealls, Ivriniel and Amdor, I add I AM NAZGUL FRIEND. Friend of the Witch King. He's not so scary close up, and all that undead flesh should sexually arouse for the correction EVENTS. Please cross conduct to series with characters like SOOKIE. Cold dead flesh like that, must have been horrific to endure. Are you going to leave that unredressed, for Unmarring. The lost soul of a child of Illuvatar is an abomination.

Just as in the Old Testament "do not combine linen and wool. It is an abomination{edit}

Inziladun 10-11-2019 07:52 AM

Stream of consciousness idealizing may be fine for folks like John Lennon writing songs like "I Am the Walrus", but it doesn't really lend itself to an online forum.

Morthoron 10-11-2019 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by Inziladun (Post 720748)
Stream of consciousness idealizing may be fine for folks like John Lennon writing songs like "I Am the Walrus", but it doesn't really lend itself to an online forum.

I see my name mentioned several times, surrounded by great heaping mounds of verbiage that have little correlation to anything that makes any sense. And so, in the spirit of spirited replies to a stream-of-consciousness manuscript, I will merely post the greatest of such reviews ever penned. In this case, a publisher's rejection of an M.S. written by Gertrude Stein, the Mama of Dada:


April 19, 1912.

Dear Madam,

I am only one, only one, only one. Only one being, one at the same time. Not two, not three, only one. Only one life to live, only sixty minutes in one hour. Only one pair of eyes. Only one brain. Only one being. Being only one, having only one pair of eyes, having only one time, having only one life, I cannot read your M.S. three or four times. Not even one time. Only one look, only one look is enough. Hardly one copy would sell here. Hardly one. Hardly one.

Many thanks. I am returning the M.S. by registered post. Only one M.S. by one post.

Sincerely yours,

(Signed 'A. C. Fifield')

Miss Gertrude Stein,
27 Rue de Fleurus,

Ivriniel 10-11-2019 04:58 PM

It's a very generous offer to applying yourselves to my method, to build industry innovation, energy density technology, and to your own lives. They matter. So, to sum it up, we have next generation physics, for proof in concept maps.

If you have an industry area of lifelong love, get it into your dumb heads: new physics, then apply yourself here, to the Unmarring of Arda. You are working with Eru, to inspect Canon and assumptions of it, and what you have missed in Tolkien's Journey. The fact is, as invention flared to life, I cried a great deal, about Arda Marred. The lives of characters and what we missed about them.

Our family works with anyone who befriends us. My brother and I are working on Martian Atmosphere recomposition. Do you want to, or your children, migrate to Mars? Well, we have Venutian options as well. Would you like to help us with the Asteroid Dislodgment lagrange maps. They have found a gravity anomaly in the Kuiper Belt. We can approach that. Do you want to understand how Neutrinos command mass? Or from that, look at basically, hyper space field generators?

Do you like biology more. Would you like to understand chlorophyll better, and how to build a Syntropic device for energy density mapping. I.e. don't you want to solve an energy problem? Would you like to understand more about Earthquake mathematics?:

You will find my family receiving of your place in any industry area we work with. As I mentioned, I am about Aviation Sector capture. Plane design corrections. Sonic boom displacement. And we approach it, by reforging a DC-8 plane. I am building a plane to new specs. Lifelong dream. Don't you want to captain it or a plane or pilot yourselves?

Now please again, The Grief of Aule, have a read.

Ask questions please, for social means to your welcome into any discussion. I am in particular, interested in saving Sauron, and what to do, about that. By discussing Canon, and characters, to what was missed about him.

"And Sauron was deceived even unto himself" so goes the story, of Herald of Manwe. Extremely fun to a Vanyar ONE. What did Eonwe 'redact' and back in Valinor, Eonwe has been following the Journey of Sauron and Eru was Witness to what happened.

Ivriniel 10-11-2019 05:06 PM

And probably, knowing this place, and seeing the materials, you may yet not feel ready to post.

Morthoron, I will contact you, after pause. In your inbox, matters at hand, and how to forge structure to the absolute dogs breakfast of this thread.

But basically, you understand that if a poster has Industry Reforms to command, or if not that, to innovation, it must be that the world he comes from has had a great sudden leap and gain, in physics and science and understanding the technology of infrastructure to next generation devices is extremely lucrative.

We (my family and I) are offering this place, opportunity to be friends to the family for that and to mean, obviously, wealth and support to your ventures, of ours, and simply being responsible. A responsible citizen, should never leave his friends behind. If we are going to go talk to men in blue suits who babble, and who want cash and all that, and get excited about Martian Atmosphere engineering, then we are responsible citizens. My friends matter to me.

Kind Regards
Stephen Peter Mihailides, DoB 24/01/1966 The Peter is particularly important. It's a great way to character test, and to subducted placement translocate and read of redaction perils. The character record matters.

Ivriniel 10-11-2019 05:14 PM

You may ask to contribute to the physics experimental series in many ways. If you do, that means you want to access the benefits of industry busting physics. Yes, we will welcome you to that.

So, if there are any physicists reading, hello, "Hi, ah, try saying 'thankyou'". You are welcome.

If you are a physicist, and want to battle assumptions, go ahead, I welcome it. I need anyone who can be readied to tackle the Vanity Brigade. Senior physicists are going to go two ways. "He couldn't possibly be able to do that." and "let's see about that. Let's question him". And receive me. Sean Carroll will understand.

If you want to be a laboratory in contribution, about the two slit wave function collapse experiment design, for tritum vectors, it's a very wide map. It should be reasonably doable. But it's a hard area of design.

If you are an entropy physics lover, I'm your man. This one for assumption busting of Law 3, and that data set, the Anvil. It's the base end block. Once you demonstrate entropy inversion flow, of heats, the victory is done. The 'bits in the middle' between two slit wave function collapse, the entropy vectors then takes a hammer to all the delays and all the attacks, and all the way home.

William Cloud Hicklin 10-11-2019 10:02 PM

I must inquire, and I believe I speak for all here,

What the bloody hell?

Inziladun 10-12-2019 04:38 AM


Originally Posted by William Cloud Hicklin (Post 720759)
I must inquire, and I believe I speak for all here,

What the bloody hell?

Mind control? Replaced by a nefarious alien/robot trying to assimilate while plotting domination of the earth? A bad burrito? You got me.

Andsigil 10-12-2019 06:09 AM

Mithadan 10-12-2019 09:28 AM

I have not had to do this in a while, but this thread is closed.

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