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Elenna 08-05-2002 03:04 PM

Cirith Ungol RPG
She crept up the web, taking great care not to lay a hand on the trigger threads that would alert the spider to her presence. Spider's Bane, her sword, glinted in the darkness that never left Mirkwood even during the day. The spider did not notice her approaching until it was too late. He whirled around and croaked "Arawil" in the fell tongue of the Children of Ungoliant before she was upon him.

"For the Trees!" she cried, as she speared the writhing creature, a fierce white light in her pale eyes.

For Arawil was old, older than the forest in which she walked and stalked. Few had seen her, save her prey. Her life was killing the spiders, offspring of Ungoliant, she who had killed the Trees. Yet most of the Mirkwood spiders were gone, and only one direct descendant of Ungoliant remained - Shelob.

Ithaeliel 08-05-2002 07:31 PM

Anroth was lost.

He thought to himself, what a fool you are! You come to Mirkwood for your first time, knowing nothing of the lay of the forest, asking no one for help, and yet you come into one of the most perilous places of Middle-earth armed with only a sword and your intuition? You are a fool indeed, Anroth.
It was night in the forest, and he had lost his path. He knew not if he was any closer to Thranduil's realm than to Dol Guldur. He sook news from the Elven-king of the dealings in the Northeast, for the wind had borne to him when he was in the Hithaeglir a rumour of strange and eerie shadows that haunted the forest by nightfall, and they were more than just spiders.
And even as he mused over this, Anroth heard a faraway crash and a garbled shriek like that of a monster. "One of Ungoliant's children... so it is true," he said to himself as he drew his sword and ran swiftly toward the fray.

Ithaeliel 08-08-2002 03:18 PM

<<I'm sorry to double-post, I just don't want this RPG to die before it even begins>>

Anroth had barely set foot in the dark clearing before he saw a shadowy figure before him. It was leaning over, but as it straightened itself, Anroth saw the crumpled form of a dead spider at its feet and the gleam of a blood-covered sword being drawn steadily out. He drew his own ancient sword and leapt on the figure, lest it should be an enemy of his. "What name are you known by and are you a friend or foe of the king?" he asked quietly. The figure did not move, but drew a shaky breath as it spoke. It was a woman's voice. "I am Arawil, foe of the children of Ungoliant, and if I must choose a side, I would choose that of the throne of Gondor," she said. Anroth released Arawil from his grasp and backed away, sheathing his sword.

Elenna 08-10-2002 10:32 AM

"But I warn you, mortal. I am not on anyone's side. Your petty kingdom's quarrels mean nothing to me. My only task is to rid the world of Ungoliant's kin. Stay out of my way." She grabbed a limb of a nearby tree and swung herself up, clearly planning to escape.

"Wait!" Anroth called. "Can you help me get to the Elven King's halls? I am lost..."

"Obviously, little man. But in this I will help you. Follow me." She sprang to another branch and began to climb like a spider across the forest canopy. Anroth gulped and followed, thinking all the time I'm going to die. I am going to fall, and die.

Ithaeliel 08-10-2002 07:29 PM

Sweat formed on Anroth's forehead as he climbed cautiously through the branches of the thick trees of Mirkwood. He had no time to think of anything else but climbing, for it was not his forte, and before he knew it, Arawil stopped, and climbing higher into the tree she poked her head through the branches.
"Well," she said when she leapt back down, "It seems we are near to our destination, little ranger... what did you say your name was?"
"I do not give my name out freely, especially not to people as reclusive and strange as you are."
Arawil frowned. "Reclusive I may be, but evil I am not. As I have said before, my only enemy is the Children of Ungoliant, but my only ally would be my sword."
Anroth laughed and shook his head in disbelief. "You are a strange woman, Arawil. Lead me now to Thranduil's halls. Perhaps later I shall again seek thee out and tell thee my name, if thou will it."
Arawil turned and began to climb toward the halls, which were now in plain sight. "If you wish to seek me out, you may, although I doubt we shall ever meet again."
Never underestimate a ranger's tracking skills, on ground or high limb of tree, Anroth thought to himself as he followed her finally toward the elven-king's halls.

Elenna 08-12-2002 12:07 PM

Finally, Arawil and Anroth reached Thranduil's halls.

"Come inside with me, Arawil. You might enjoy speaking to someone besides your sword and the spiders."

"To them I am a legend, ranger. And I like it that way. Farewell."

And with that, she swung back into the branches and was gone.

Robin Headstrong 08-12-2002 04:28 PM

"An Elvin-maid there was of old,
A shining star by day..."
Min began the old Elvish song accompanied by the plucking of his lute. He always came out into the forest to practice reciting the Songs. He preferred the refuge of the trees rather than being trapped inside the halls of Mirkwood.
The musician's ears picked up the sound of a branch being cut. He abruptly finished right in the middle of the song and followed the sound to investigate. No Wood Elf would cut down a branch while travelling in a forest.
"Hello?" he called. "Who are you, and what business do you have in this forest?"
Min's jaw dropped when he finally found the source of the sound.

Elenna 08-13-2002 08:06 AM

Arawil dropped from above onto the branch where the minstrel sat. "And who are you, little bird, perched in your tree, singing? My business here is certainly none of yours. Who are you?"

"My name's Min. Who are you?"

"I am Arawil, and you are disturbing my prey. Stop that caterwauling."

"Arawil? THE Arawil?" Min said to the air. Arawil had crept off.

Ithaeliel 08-13-2002 06:21 PM

Anroth had recieved his news from Thranduil. He came out of the halls and his mind immediately turned to Arawil.
Swift as a deer, he ran back to the forest and climbed to a tree from which a branch was freshly hewn. He heard a cry from below and stopped. Looking down, he saw a minstrel who appeared quite bewildered by something.
"I beg your pardon, sir, but who are you and why are you up in a tree?"
Anroth continued to leap nimbly from branch to branch. "I am Anroth the ranger, and I am seeking Arawil. I have not the time to explain," he finished before leaping out of sight.

Shadow_Staar 08-16-2002 06:15 PM

Dykoria, atop her blood bay stallion Morne Nuru, rode swiftly through the woods of Mirkwood. She was hear for adventure, and was bored of Rivendell and Rohan.
"I can't believe it Morne Nuru, me a Ranger, is bored." She laughed slightly to herself, and brought her stallion to a halt. There was music up ahead, and a noise in the trees.
Morne Nuru halted and perked his ears towards the sound. All of the sudden a man came crashing throught the trees, scaring the living day lights out of poor Morne Nuru. The stallion reared, and almost tramples the poor man. But Dykoria calmed her horse and turned her head to the man.
"What were you doing in a tree?" She demanded.
"I am following someone, so leave me be." He got up, and turned back to his tree.
She glared after the man as he climbed the tree, and muttered a curse under her breath.

Robin Headstrong 08-17-2002 11:53 AM

Min heard the sound of horse hooves from below the branches. He leapt down to find a woman dressed in the garb of a Ranger, riding a tall stallion.
"Another outsider in the woods?" he asked. "I saw two others just earlier. Who are you?"
"I am Dykoria, and this is my stallion, Morne Nuru," the woman replied.
"And I am Minyatalion," said the elf, "but you may call me Min. Did you see a man Ranger or a woman of similar fashion go by?"
"Just a moment ago a Ranger did fall from a tree frighten my horse," Dykoria answered. "But I didn't see a woman."
"That Ranger was following the woman," said Min. "Thank you, Dykoria. I hope we meet again sometime soon." With that, he leapt back up the tree and went off in search of Anroth and Arawil.
Min leapt from tree to tree, looking for any traces of either the Ragner or the huntress. He really didn't mean to meet Anroth again; he wanted to see the mysterious Arawil. She was only a legend in Mirkwood; and Min was determined to know more about her. He was proud of himself; he was one of the few native Wood Elves to have seen a legend thought by many not to exist!
The Wood Elf felt a branch snap under his weight, and he quickly jumped and grabbed the branch of another tree and hoisted himself up. Suddenly, he heard a hissing sound. He slowly turned his head around to find a round, black shape with sleek legs climbing towards him.
A Spider! Min didn't have his knife with him, and he couldn't fight the creature with his fists. All he had was his lute...

Ithaeliel 08-17-2002 12:14 PM

Anroth continued to jump through the trees as lightly as a cat. He was getting better all the time. But he had gone on for miles with no sign of anyone. How quick and sly could Arawil possibly be?
Finally, he heard a cry, and a quarter-mile later Arawil was on the ground beneath him, surrounded by a large pack of hungry spiders. "Now we shall finally have our vengeance on the Murderer," one hissed in the tongue of the children of Ungoliant, which Anroth barely understood. They began to close in on Arawil. She fought back, killing many, but she was by far outnumbered. Anroth jumped down quietly from the tree and raised his sword above the back of one of the attacking spiders. But another saw him and croaked at the spider right before Anroth drove his sword into its back. It shrieked and crumpled up before the ranger drew forth his sword and slew another. Soon enough, the pack was in a frenzy, with now both Arawil and Anroth fighting them.

Lucretia 08-17-2002 07:06 PM

Agarwaen Macil woke up to sounds of battle, sharp cries and breaking branches. She jumped off of the high branch, and, pulling out her sword, Nevthondiel, and landed lightly on her feet. The scene before her ws astounding: Massive spiders, such as she had'nt seen in years beyond count, were attacking two people, who looked like other travelers. Agarwaen Jumped into the battle and started slashing across the backs of spiders. Soon there were few left, and those spiders that remained fled in fear. Agarwaen looked down at the dark corpses below her, and looked up to find the two staring at her in surprise, as though they had never seen an Elf such as this.

Elenna 08-19-2002 12:06 PM

Finally, all of the spiders but one had died. Arawil decapitated this one with a fierce downward stroke, faster than the eye could follow. The three warriors stood looking at each other, breathing hard.

"Why are you following me, human?" Arawil said in a low, furious voice.

"What? I just saved you?"

"SAVED me? I, who have hunted the children of Ungoliant since the world was born? I need no help! Now. Why were you following me? Both of you!"

Ithaeliel 08-19-2002 12:40 PM

"Why are you following me?"

Anroth was taken aback. Well, you are quite welcome yourself! I ought to teach her some social graces if I have the time. Instead he said politely, "Do you not remember my words? I intended to follow you in the first place. Are you angry because I have succeeded?" He raised an eyebrow and looked at Arawil skeptically. The elf stood by, expecting an argument.
Arawil sheathed her sword in frustration. "Leave this place, both of you. My business is my own, and I don't appreciate either of you nosing about in it!" she hissed.

Shadow_Staar 08-27-2002 07:40 PM

Dykoria took her time gettin to the site, and found many people standing there, and two inparticular where fighting, she listened a little be decided it was not interesting, and just sat there on her stallion watching. The noise becaming annoying, and she finally spoke.
"Can you please stop fighting, it's childish!"
Everyone stopped and looked at her.
"Stop staring, haven't you ever seen a Ranger before?" She sneered.

Ithaeliel 08-27-2002 09:08 PM

Arawil threw her hands up in the air, angry and frustrated. "Yet another newcomer in my part of the forest! Soon I shall be known to the entire court of Thranduil! Ai!"

Anroth glared at the girl as she spoke her spiteful question. "What a question, when you yourself do not know your fellow ranger when you see him! Suilad, Dyakoria," he said politely. It was then that the girl recognized him. "Anroth? Anroth of Gondor?"
Anroth bowed. "Yea, I come to seek news from Mirkwood."

"And just who might you be?" Dykoria inquired, her eyes shifting from the elf to the strange woman Anroth had been talking to.
Arawil did not speak. She was furious that four people had entered her teritory and seen her.

Elenna 08-29-2002 08:53 AM

Finally, she spoke. "I am Arawil Spider's-Bane. I live in Mirkwood, alone. But it seems as though I must give up my life of solitude, for my task here is done. The Children of Ungoliant are no more in Mirkwood, and only one remains in other parts."

Ithaeliel 08-29-2002 03:31 PM

"Shelob," Anroth said. "You intend to seek her out? She is far more swift and powerful than the spiders of Mirkwood. You cannot go to Cirith Ungol alone. If you underestimated Shelob, it could be the death of you."
Arawil thought that the ranger was hinting at her. "Do you really expect that I would go out of my way to have you three tag along with me to the dark passage into Mordor? You are a fool, young ranger," she snapped.
"I meant nothing by it. I only said that Shelob may equal you, or perhaps overcome you, if she has mustered that much strength. You should at least have a dependable band of warriors behind you."
Arawil stared at Anroth, one eyebrow cocked up. "The mind of a Numenorean ranger who roams the wilds works in strange ways," she said. "I have to admit, you are an impressive sworfighter, as well as the elf. I do not know of the female ranger, as she has only just arrived here and I have not had a chance to test her yet."
Dykoria scowled at Arawil. She would show the Maia her abilities.

Shadow_Staar 08-30-2002 03:42 PM

Dykoria jumped off her horse, and unsheathed her sword as quick as lighting.
"You want to test my abilities, Arawil, fine test me!" The female ranger sneered.

Elenna 08-31-2002 07:35 AM

"Fine, Ranger," Arawil hissed, grinning fiercely. Then she attacked. Dykoria was fast, very fast for one of mortal race.

But Arawil was not mortal. For hundreds of thousands of years, she had been prowling the forests of the world seeking the Children of Ungoliant.

Dykoria swung her sword up over her head, preparing to finish the test, and then gasped as Arawil stepped inside her stroke, countering her blade and sending Dykoria's sword flying into a tree 30 feet away.

[ August 31, 2002: Message edited by: Elenna ]

Robin Headstrong 09-01-2002 08:10 PM

(ooc: Sorry I haven't posted in so long... &^%! summer reading...)

As Min looked down at the spider below him, thinking of what he could use to stop it. Then he remembered... the lute! It sounded ludricous at first, but maybe music could stop the Spider.
Min pulled out his lute and began singing an Elvish tune. The Spider seemed to be slowing down...
SHING! A long metal object was flying through the air, missing Min's head by a fraction of an inch and settling into the trunk of the tree. The minstrel abruptly ended his song, turning his head to see that the object was a sword- what could have sent it flying like that? Maybe he could fight the Spider... He grabbed the sword by the hilt and pulled. It wouldn't budge. He pulled again and again, but all of his effort was in vain. The sword remained in its same position.
The Spider below him hissed again. Min cursed under his breath, kicked the black creature in the eye, and leaped to another tree.

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Shadow_Staar 09-02-2002 01:47 PM

"Well then Spiders-Bane, i see you are not as slow as i had preceived," Dykoria grabbed her sword,"I hear you are going to Cirith Ungol, in search for the thing they call Shelob. I can be of use, and I am bored here." She lazily swung her sword back into its sheath, and leaned against a tree.
"What is this?! I never asked or told any of you to join me!" Arawil told them, with her anger in her eyes.
"Yes, but we are bored here, and seek adventure, and you are the one who can give it." Dykoria stated."And, now you know of me, and how I work. So like it or not, we are coming."

Robin Headstrong 09-04-2002 09:37 AM

The Spider was gaining on Min. "You can't escape me, Elf!" it hissed in the tongue of the Children of Ungoliant. "I have sisters!"
Another Spider appeared behind it, then a second, then a third, then a fourth. How many were there?
Min could only run; he was sure his lute and voice wouldn't be enough to tame this many Spiders. Then he spotted a figure on the ground: Arawil! She was standing with Anroth and Dykoria. "Arawil!" Min called. "Spiders!"

Shadow_Staar 09-06-2002 01:19 PM

"Spiders? Well, this should be fun." She drew her sword, and smirked as she saw they spiders closing distance between them.
"Well don't just stand there! FIght them!!" Min yelled.
Dykoria was second to attack, for Arawil had already taken a spider out. Dykforia stabbed one of the things in the eyes, and and proceded to cut off leg by leg, until the thing managed to get a away and regroup.
"Come back and fight, you foul creature!" The female ranger ran and kneeled and put her sword up as the spider jumped and landed on the ranger's sword. SHe roled out from under the thing, covered in it's blood.

Elenna 09-06-2002 01:36 PM

Arawil swiftly did away with the rest of the spiders. "Stupid things - they keep trying to attack me in small groups, and I keep defeating them."

Then she remembered Dykoria and the rest. "I suppose you can come with me to Cirith Ungol, but do not swear to help me defeat Shelob - I have seen her. You have not, and the darkness she casts around her will probably drive you mad."

Ithaeliel 09-07-2002 02:27 PM

Anroth was not expecting her to let them come. His wont to come at all had not been, actually, although he was not reluctant. The mere fact that Arawil had granted Dykoria's request was a sign that she was not so relentless as he had thought. Anroth approached Arawil. "I will not swear to help you defeat her, but I will swear this: I shall be of help to you whenever possible. I shall not betray you. I would die first. That is my way."

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Shadow_Staar 09-07-2002 09:29 PM

"Then to Cirith Ungol, we go, I like the dark, it won't drive me mad. You jump to conclusion's old woman...don't underestimate me." Dykoria turned to Morne Nuru and hopped on. "Well are we leaving or not?"

Amanaduial the archer 09-08-2002 02:57 PM

Hreeza watched the creatures below her and her laugh tinkled down to them like the autumns breeze. She grimaced though as she looked at the grisly remains of the spiders, and extended a finger of wind down to brush the vile bits away.
The wind sprite examined the group carefully, watching them in the way that only an elemental can, seeing all that they all they are.
One was arrogant seeming, although the sprite saw her anxiety for the others acceptance, and her ever present longing to travel. She had a good heart and Hreeza was gratified to see her want to do good and vanquish bad, strong for a mortal.
One had beautiful fine tuned twists to his soul and the sprite recognised with delight that he was a musician. This one was young and not as adventurous as the others, but his spirit was beautiful to the sprites eyes.
Another male was with them. Loyalty glittered in his soul and Hreeza was not surprised to see he was an elf. However, her attention was distracted from this one to the other, whose shimmering spirit took her breath away. She could not begin to examine her; it would not be right, for this creature was above her, one of the valars servants. She shivered with delight. This was the one the trees whispered of,who she would help...and who could help her.

Elenna 09-08-2002 03:13 PM

Arawil suddenly sniffed the air. "I know you are there, sprite. I am not that foolish. A wind coming from nowhere to sweep away the spiders, and then vanishing like it had never been? That is elemental work."

The others looked at Arawil as though she were raving - they heard and smelt no one.

They were incredibly startled to hear a silvery laugh come from the tree above them. "Well done, Arawil. I am Hreeza - a wind spirit."

Shadow_Staar 09-10-2002 01:11 PM

"A wind Sprite,eh? Well now that we know she is here, shall we continue on and start our little journey, or will I have to go Alone?" Dykoria asked.
"Dykoria, calm down, we will begin soon." Min stated. Dykoria went into a pout and mumbled something about going alone.
"Ah, so YOU are the adventerous one, i see." The sprite smiled, and turned her attention back to Arawil.

Amanaduial the archer 09-11-2002 05:59 AM

Hreeza surveyed the baffled creatures below her with amusement at their confusion. Dykoria...that one was so adventurous, but Hreeza pushed back this thought. Others had been as headstrong as this one and to what avail had it been?

Her happiness at the Maias recognition was shwon with her silver laugh. Min, the minstrel looked around in awe at the sound, like a silver harp. She came closer to him, pouring herself in and around his lute, producing a snippet of the beautiful delicate music of the air.
"What is this trickery?"
The wind sprite stopped playing and was shocked to see the ranger Dykoria holding out her sword in a shaking hand. Arawil looked up angrily and Mins expression of delighted bliss turned to bewilderment, although he said nothing.
"Trickery?" Arawils face darkened. "That trickery you seem to foolishly resent is the sacred soul music of the forest itself! How dare-"
"Hush..." The sprites whisper rustled in the leaves near Arawils head, quieting her. "She knows not of the forest as such a living thing-her people have forgotten such things. I mean not to startle or disturb you ranger." She continued, turning to the ranger, now sheathing her sword. "The soul music is simply a way to express my being to you."
Anroth had been watching and listening in amazement. At this recent answer, he stepped up and waved his hand through the air in which her voice had come from. "What are you? I hear your voice, yet I can barely see you-"
"Barely?" Arawil and Hreeza interupted together, then stared at each other- well Hreeza stared at Arawil and the Maia stared at the shimmering outline of the sprite. How could this elf, not an eternal first spirit such as these see Hreeza?
"What an you see of her, elf?"
"I see an outline, yet...yet another outline over that. The silver glitter in the air...can you not show yourself to us in a more corporeal form?"
"Would that I could Anroth. Would that I could." Her eyes stared into Arawils, trying to pass the hidden meaning on. She could not voice her wish- was not allowed- instead she had to earn them and hope to make Arawil understand.Earn them...aha! Taking a deep breath she spoke.
"O maia, I beleive i can assist you in you quest. Allow me to come and I will do as you command for the good of the quest." She flashed a quick mind picture of a human/elf kneeling and handing a sword to Arawil in a way of expressing herself.
"Of course sprite. I would value your help."
"Well then what are we waiting for?" Said Min eagerly. Dykoria perked up and together the group began to plan.

Losthuniel 09-18-2002 06:06 AM

Laegulien walked the forest of Mirkwood, breathing deeply of the piny air. A familiar sound, a voice that had all but faded from memory, reached her ears through the densness of the forest. Smiling in recognition, she hastend to the glade where he heard it. To her great surprise, she saw not only Arawil,whom she knew but also 2 humans and an elf. And to her greater astonishment, a wispy presence in the air
"Sister*" she said, bowing her head. Arawil turned.
"Laiquasse**! it has been long since we last met on the other side of the sea."
"Indeed. many now know me as Laegulien. But what brings you here? The spiders are all but exticnt."
"Yes, precisley. There is one other. Shelob, the giant spider."
"Surley you dont..."
"I do."
<<i realize i have taken liberties, and if this doesnt work out, I'll edit. if its a problem, tell me. Ithink that Laeg and Arawil would probably know each other, considering they are both Maia from the Blessed Realm, and that they both loved the Trees.
* Just a greeting
**Laiquasse: Laeg's spirit- name
(like Gandalf was Olorin)

CarnŽiach 09-18-2002 12:52 PM

OCC: hi all, sorry this is Aman, but Ive got a few problems with my other account so can I play in this account?

Hreeza stopped and turned as she felt another prescence entering the group. Noble, strong, kind and loyal...and a maia! It was too much to wish for and yet here it was- not one maia to revert her to a corporeal form, but two!
Tha maia greeted each other and the watching wind sprite would have looked amazed as Min currently did when she found they were sisters, and therefore bound to have a mental link.
*Thankyou wondrous valar! If ever I doubted you, rest assured thats gone!*
"Ah, what is whispered on the breeze!" The newcomer whirled around. "It talks of our masters and mistresses the valar."
Hreeza let her silvery laugh rustle the branches over and around the maias head. *Your words hold more truth than you may guess when you talk of the wind whispering noble maia.*
Laegulien turned to her sister with a look of amazement. "Can this be real? Windsprites still inhabit the ancient forests and will talk with us?" She looked back to where her enhanced vision showed a silvery sheen. "Who are you sprite?"
"Her name is Hreeza. She seeks to help us." Arawils last sentence made Hreeza look sharply at her; it held undertones, that was for sure. Had Arawil guessed her wish for a corporeal form?

Elenna 09-18-2002 01:25 PM

Arawil mentally frowned as she said that Hreeza meant to help her and her companions defeat Shelob. "For no wind-sprite that I have ever met has wished to do such a thing. Shelob and her foul kind do no harm to the wind, nor to the sprites. I know she wants something of me, and of Laiquasse."

"All right. If we all are to travel to Cirith Ungol, we shall need to stop in the Elven King's halls to get some supplies."

"But Thranduil never gives to travelers, and is distrustful of strangers," Anroth said uneasily.

"True, but I am not any stranger. I am a legend, Arawil Spiders-bane, children's tale and creature of the shadows. He will help me, for all that he might not wish to."

Losthuniel 09-18-2002 05:29 PM

<<Sorry, allow me to clairify: Arawil and Laeg are not actually related, but they know ech other fairly well from a long time ago(that is, if you're okay with this Elenna, I know I'm taking Liberties. "Sister i was mereley using a a greeting. sorry for confusion, I'll edit my post>>

Robin Headstrong 09-19-2002 02:23 PM

"She's right," said Min, "I myself am from the halls of Thranduil, and many of my kin have heard of the legends of Arawil. Some of my friends will be amazed to find that she is real after all, just as I was when I first saw her!"

The elf smiled, remembering the stories he would make up about Arawil as a child. He often daydreamed of the Maia battling Spiders and hiding in the forest. His brothers and sisters often laughed at him, for having such an active imagination. But it also brought back the memories of his father and instructor, who had scolded him: "Your duty is to preserve history, Minyatalion, not to preserve dreams." It wasn't long before Min stopped inventing tales and began reciting the ancient Elvish songs, abandoning his fascination with local legends and childish fantasies. How astonishing it was to discover that the tales he had heard and disregarded were known facts!

Min stopped thinking of the past and turned to the two Maia. "So this is Laegulien? Amazing, I've met two Maiar in one day! By the way, my name is Minyatalion, but everyone knows me as Min. I am a minstrel in the halls of Thranduil. What brings you into Mirkwood?"

[ September 19, 2002: Message edited by: Robin Headstrong ]

Anarya SilverBranch 09-19-2002 06:33 PM

<<OCC- Sorry I can't remember any information about my character that I sent you so I'm going to make it up as I go along as well as I can remember it.>>

Vivianna looked at the forest distastefully. The dark trunks of the trees stood close together, their leaves dancing in between their shivering branches. She grimaced.

Vivianna had no desire what so ever to enter the dark shadowed wood, the eaves as black as the mane of her horse, Kidia. She had not been through Mirkwood in ten years. She hadn't liked it then and now, at the age of 37 springs, she still didn't like it.

Kidia grunted softly, the evening mist beginning to encircle her hooves in the growing twilight.

"Well," Vivianna said to no one in particular, "Might as well get it done with."

She lightly jabbed Kidia in the ribs, her green wool skirt beginning to dampen with the ever rising fog. She had stopped wearing breeches years before, when she was young and wild. She was just as happy with wearing them under her dress now.

Kidia neighed suspiciously than quietly began to edge into the wood, Vivianna putting the hood of her cloak over her hair, done back neatly in a thick braid running down her back.

Something caught her ear the minute she entered the wood though. The ever growing sounds of hurried voices could be heard upon the ever playing breeze, dancing about leaves...

Shadow_Staar 09-20-2002 02:32 PM

Dykoria sat patiently atop her horse for what seemed like hours. She was bored, and night was coming on. She sighed, and did a few braids in her stallion's mane, out of bordem, until she heard a faint noise to her left. She reined Morne Nuru to the left, and he started to walk.
"Dykoria! Where do you think-" Arawil was silenced by Dykoria's hand going up in the air, asking for silence.
She urged her stallion forward, and saw a young woman atop a horse. Dykoria swiftly and silently rode up behind her.
"What are you doing here? Don't you know that the forest is dangerous when it gets dark? Or are you to careless to notice that it is dark?" Dykoria scolded. "Follow me, oh careless one."
The female nudged her horse to walk and made sure that the other woman followed.
"Dykoria, what is this?!" Arawil shouted.
"I found her in the forest." She sighed," But who cares? I want to get on with this."

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CarnŽiach 09-20-2002 03:06 PM

Hreeza watched the way Dykoria approached with amazement, turning to frank astonishment as the new woman followed. She tried not to laugh with disbelief, as she had not yet showed herself to the new woman openly.

She had tried to stay with the groundlings, but she would have had to have the patience of an earth elemental to have stayed at the dwawdle they were going, and wind is the most restless of the elementals. She had wandered through the forest, and in passing had found the new woman. The mortal was lost, wanted to get to Thranduils court, and it would not have done to let herself lose herself to the spiders- Arawil wouldnt be likely to forgive her for that one and it would do nothing towards the gaining of the spell. Viviana had not struck her as a weak woman though...

The sprite sighed as she played lightly through the leaves. She would reveal herself all in good time, no matter how many meaningful looks Arawil was giving her...

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