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Zohariel 11-13-2002 02:17 PM

Ooh, I know! terrible ain't it! And Thengise, can you write for Legolas? Cos I thought it would be nice for him to meet the one who's terrorising his daughter and her friends!

Zohariel noticed a face in the darkness. Wiping away her tears, she crept over to stand behind it. It seemed to be an elf, a male, incredibly tall with long blond hair.
"Who- who are you?" she whispered, but he must have heard, for he swung round to face her.

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 11-14-2002 11:50 PM

<<sure, I'll try>>

Legolas spun around upon hearing a girl say,"Who- who are you?" He turned so that he now faced the girl. A bit caught of guard he stepped back a bit. He looked at the girl who wasn't wearing proper clothes of any sort, for they were mostly torn and dirty. Her face was a bit red from the fake tears she had just shed. He had never seen this girl before and yet she knew not who he was. It appeared to him that she wasn't from around there. "Who are you?"he asked in return instead of answering himself. He began to finger his bow as he waited for her answer, for he was not sure whether this girl was good.

Zohariel 11-15-2002 10:22 AM

Zohariel watched the Elf fiddle with his bow. She got on the defensive and took up a battle position, with a hand closed firmly round the rusted hilt of her sword.
"I asked you first," she growled. "Now be nice." The Elf seemed undaunted by her attitude, and simply bowed his head to her.
"I am King Legolas of Mirkwood," he said. Zohariel made a face like there was a bad smell under her nose and tossed her head backwards.
"Zohariel," she said, and spat just in front of the King's feet. "Like you care."
Legolas was amazed by this girl's lack of manners, and the way she seemed to decide someone's opinion on her before they even spoke.
Zohariel meanwhile, was trying not to stare at the Elf; he was so beautiful, and though Zohariel, when washed and dressed neatly, might look somewhat striking, she wasn't beautiful. But she knew a beautiful person or thing when she saw one.

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 11-16-2002 11:27 AM

Legolas watched the girl as she kept her eyes elsewhere. She didn't seem to like others that much. He looked at her sword, which she had been grasping. It was old yet still very sharp. He looked up at the night sky. The stars shining like beautiful diamonds. Legolas looked back down at the girl who still remained unmoved. "Well then Zohariel what is your business in the Golden Wood, besides assuming what you do not yet know,"he asked questioningly.

Aengthrea Greenleaf Of Mirkwood 11-29-2002 10:36 PM

Mele walked out onto the trail, leading out into the night forest. As she was walking along the stoney ground, she was also looking for Thengise, wondering where she could be. She sang to hersef quietly until she caught sight of Thengise and not only her but Jecht. Mele walked quickly to where they were. "Hullo, I've been looking eveywhere for you," Mele said happily. Mele looked at Thengise's face,an expression she has not seen before on Thengise, grief. "What's wrong?" Mele asked worriedly. "Nothing, nothing at all,I'm fine don't worry," Thengise said while straightening herself.

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 11-30-2002 06:03 PM

Thengise looked at her confused friend and forced a smile. "I'm fine Mele, don't worry,"Thengise said once more. She looked over at Jecht and saw the bitter sadness in his eyes, yet she could also detect a hint of happiness.

"Well, you two should come with me. The Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn are about to dine and they wish us to be there, especially you two. Your father should also be joining us soon,"Mele said, looking at Thengise. Thengise nodded, as did Jecht, and silently they followed Mele through the woods of Lorien. Jecht and Thengise walked together behind Mele, their hands clasped.

Soon enough they had reached the center of the woods. They entered the dining chamber, which was lit with the radiance of the elves of the light. The Lord and Lady sat at one end of the table together. Elle and Belle also sat there among some other elves. Jecht took a seat besides Galadriel, and Thengise took one next to him. Mele sat next to Thengise, yet there was still someone missing.

"Legolas, shall be meeting us later. Come now let us eat,"Celeborn stated as he silenced the chatting elves. Soon there was a great amount of merriment at the table. The chatting elves sounded like an unending song. Thengise ate quietly, as did Jecht. She lifted her eyes to Galadriel who seemed to be watching the solemn couple. The Lady turned her gaze to Jecht.

"A new sadness I see has taken you. And indeed it is most unfortunate to lose both of you to old age, but do not take it upon yourself to be grieved. You two were after all meant to be. She is also grieved to forsake her immortality, but she would not have it any other way. Her stubborness is thicker than any precious stone. Rejoice and be happy for you have yourself a grand treasure, as does she,"said Galadriel to Jecht, yet it was in his thoughts that she spoke to him.

Judge Simon 11-30-2002 07:49 PM

His eyes were shut and his head gently swayed while she spoke to him. Once she had finished speaking to him, Jecht seemed to recompose himself and regain his senses,as he took a long look in the Lady's direction. He looked down at his food, but he felt no hunger. He quietly excused himself and left the table. Thengise watched him but before she could make move to follow, Legolas left the table. Jecht ran deep into the forest. He ran until he came to a stream flowing silently out of Lorien, where he collapsed onto his knees and wept. He was out of breath and had trouble regaining it when he felt a hand alight onto his shoulder. He drew in a deep breath and looked up ward. It was Legolas, his eyes seemed different from when he had seen him in Gondor. It seemed ages ago. He bent low to look Jecht in the eye....

Zohariel 12-01-2002 07:55 AM

Zohariel tried to search out the Elf's feelings, but found some strange blockage.
"You guard your feelings, Elf. My business is my own. Where are you headed?"
Without waiting for an answer, she turned and walked off, hoping for him to follow. He did, and Zohariel realised she was heading for Lady Galadriel's palace.

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 12-02-2002 11:08 PM

Thengise watched Jecht leave the table. She was about to get up when she noticed that her father had followed him. She turned back to her plate, which was still the same as it had been when first served. She looked around the table and listened silently as the other elves spoke of their lives and families. They all seemed content and joy seemed to fill the room, yet still she sat and waited.

Legolas had followed the girl to Galadriel's Palace, for he remembered he needed to attend the Great Dinner. As he neared the dining hall, he looked around to realize that the strange girl had disappeared, but he had no time to waste. He entered the dining hall and was seated at the other end of the table.

He took a quick glance up at Thengise and Jecht. Judging by their state of grief and confusion, he realized that Jecht had finally told his daughter the truth. Silently he watched the two as they remained unmoved. Suddenly Jecht excused himself and walked out. Legolas knew he had to talk to him and so he followed. Quickly he ran through the forest as he tried not to lose the sound of Jecht's footsteps.

Finally he found Jecht on his knees weeping by a little stream. Legolas placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Jecht looked up at him and Legolas slowly bent low so that he was looking jecht in the eye. Legolas could see the saddness and guilt in Jecht's eyes. "Why are you so pained young heir? What did she say when you told her?"he said softly.

Judge Simon 12-03-2002 06:49 PM

"She claims to not want to board a ship at the Havens, but there is a longing for it in her eyes. I don't want to bind her to Middle Earth, a place of much turmoil, she doesn't derserve that. Legolas, talk to her, tell her, I can't." Jecht gets up and begins to walk off
"Jecht! Where are you going?"
"I can't stay here anymore, I need to leave the forest!"
"Where will you go? Under the earth?"
Jecht thought for a minute
"Yes, I am. Collette was murdered by some goblin from the Moria Mines, I'm going there to avenge her, and maybe I'll die down there and Thengise can have the immortality she deserves! Legolas, tell her to not follow me, and...and...that I love her" With that Jecht whislted for his horse and rode far away into the night....

Aengthrea Greenleaf Of Mirkwood 12-04-2002 07:28 PM

Mele saw Jecht stand up, and walk out the door, into the dark night. Thengise made a movement to follow but silenced when Legolas ran after Jecht."Thengise what is the matter?" Mele aked worriedly,"for if their is something, tell me." Mele said sadly, she didn't want to bother Thengise about these things, but now she had too.
Thengise sighed heavily, but didn't say anything.

Zohariel 12-08-2002 08:55 AM

The Necromancer watched the tall elf stride confidently into the palace, and it was all she could do not to leap and smack his face. Why should he have everything and she have nothing? He have fine clothes, confidence, and be beautiful, while she...
Fine. She could be confident too. She leapt up and deliberatly stomped into the palace, uninvited and out to make trouble.

Aengthrea Greenleaf Of Mirkwood 12-09-2002 08:23 PM

After Mele had talked to Thengise, Legolas walked in. He toke his seat next to Thengise. Legolas was about to talk when a noise called them to look at the palace door. Mele looked up to see Zohariel stroding in like some kind of animal looking for food. " You are not welcomed here!" Mele blurted out. Thengise signaled Mele to down, but stubborn of her she didn't. "You are not my master or my queen! Why should you have everything and me none? I don't deserve this. I deserve to be above all of
you, and all of you below me." She yelled back at Mele furiosly. Mele walked over to where Zohariel stood high and proud. "What do you want? Do you want to kill me? If you do then I challenge you...
<< Should i delete thi pos becuse uguyz arent posting this is an awkward position just Pm me i u want to delete it>>

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AddictedtoRumil 12-17-2002 08:06 PM

a pretty elf maiden with dark hair and eyes named Carnil walks into the room and looks around eyeing the enviornment she had never been in a place like this before she pulled down the hood which hid her face and glanced around curiously.

She took a seat in the back near a window and peered outside and started to hum a tune and waited for someone to greet her.

Aengthrea Greenleaf Of Mirkwood 12-21-2002 04:04 PM

<<sorry if the post are kind of "stupid" but im just trying to make some people post thats all so someone post NOW!! or you must all feel my wrath LOL!>>

Zohariel turned around and walked out the palace, but Mele knew she was going to be back sooner or later. Mele turned around to find an elven girl,"who are you?" Mele said with a harsh tone.

Zohariel 01-05-2003 08:12 AM

Zohariel had an idea. She stamped out of the palace, and clambered onto the roof. Aha. A glass skylight. Just above those pompous elves.
She grabbed a stone from her bag and threw it through the glass.
The stone landed slap in front of Thengise, nearly on her head. Zohariel danced and clapped her hands, nearly losing her balance. She leapt down, scooped up more stones and climbed back up, spraying stones in quick sucession and howling insults.
"Asses! Pompous idiots! Bigheaded Orcs! Ugly-" the last word was cut off as one of Legolas' arrows shot through the hole she had made. Zohariel drew her sword and cudgel, leapt through the hole and landed a mighty blow on the king's head before he could get out of the way.

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piosenniel 01-08-2003 11:56 AM


Just a post to let you know that every post in any actual Game needs to have its signature disabled.

Please remember to do so from now on.


piosenniel 01-12-2003 02:49 PM

To the Owner of the Game:

Do you wish to continue this RPG? There have been no posts since 01/05. Please see your PM's and let me know.

piosenniel 01-15-2003 02:25 AM

By request of the Game Owner, this game has been closed.

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