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Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 09-14-2002 06:02 PM

Eldarion turned to look at Thengise as they dragged Collette away. "Your friend goes to her death if she continues with that behavior,"he said coldly as he clutched his nose. "Don't you dare touch her. She deserves better than to be touched by your filthy hands,"she threatened. "Don't tell me what I can and cannot do,"he said raising his arm. Thengise closed her eyes and braced herself for what was to come, but Eldarion slowly put his arm down. "We'll finish this little discussion later,"he said as he left the room clutching his nose most likely to go in search of a doctor.

Thengise sighed with relief and waited until he was out of sight to go searching for Collette. She found the guards that had taken her friend and wiped away her tears before showing herself. "What have you done with the hobbit?"she asked one of them. "The captain, Jecht, demanded we let her go, so we did,"the guard replied. "Very well, thank you,"Thengise said as she turned in the direction of her room, but instead waited in the corner for the guards to leave. Once she was sure they were gone she ran to Jecht's room. Once there she found that Collette and Jecht seemed to be having an arguement.

Thengise didn't know what was going on, but she looked at Collette with admiring eyes. "Thank you so much Collette for doing what you did,"Thengise said as she knelt down and hugged her friend. She stood back up and looked at Jecht. "Thank you for bringing Collette,"she said softly as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

Judge Simon 09-14-2002 06:10 PM

Jecht did not reciprocrate and he stepped back, leaning heavily on his staff, Thengise looked toward him and there was hurt in her eyes
Jecht-I don't know what do or feel anymore,Thengise[he said and it appeared he was fighting back tears] I can't be in love with you. Eldarion has forbidden it. But, I can't help myself, Thengise, I love you too much. I must fight Eldarion, it is the only way...
Thengise-How will you fight him in the condition you are in?[she stepped toward Jecht but he still stepped back again] He is a strong man, Jecht, you are near death now, if you fight him...he will finish you off.
Jecht-I will fight Eldarion, he will not finish me off. It is the only way, Thengise...[he about to walk past Thengise when he stopped by her side he stole a quick kiss from her on the cheek and walked out of the room]

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 09-14-2002 06:26 PM

Thengise looked at Jecht with heavy eyes as he walked away after kissing her on the cheek. She could not let Jecht do that, he wasn't in good condition. As she was about to run for him she heard the gates outside being opened. She ran to the window alongside Collette to find that her father was entering the city. Thengise knew that she would be in trouble once he found she had gone to war, but maybe if she told him of who Eldarion really was he would call off the wedding. Thengise ran after Jecht and grabbed him by the arm before he turned the last hall. "Wait we still have hope. My father has come,"Thengise said softly hoping Jecht would not continue walking.

Judge Simon 09-14-2002 07:03 PM

Jecht-You go down and meet your father, you were right, I have not the strength to fight Eldarion, I will return to my room and watch from my window.
Thengise-I finally agree with what you say, Jecht[she gave him a hug and walked down the hall and out to meet her father with Collette following close behind. Jecht had turned to watch her leave. Once he was sure she had gone, his eyes hardened and turned back toward the chambers of Eldarion. He trudged up to the oak doors and grasped hold of his sword. there were no guards as they had all gone to greet the Elven Prince. He kicked open the doors and found that Eldarion had been waiting for him.
Eldarion-I wondered when you would get here? War didn't kill you, but I will!
Jecht-Not likely you cruel b*****d!

Jecht and Eldarion drew their swords at practically the same time. Jecht swung his sword wildly at Eldarion's pointy head. He missed and Eldarion rounded on himand attempted to plunge his sword into Jecht's back. Jecht turned around and kicked Eldarion in the stomach hard and sent him to the floor. Eldarion sprung up and weiled his sword toward Jecht. Jecht brought his sword to meet Eldarion's and they clashed in the middle. The swords went back and forth, crossing each other many times. Jecht was growing incredibly weary. Eldarion sensed this and knocked the sword from Jecht's hand.
Eldarion-You're dead now...
Jecht-Mistaken identity[he said as he smirked, Eldarion looked puzzled for a minute and then a look a realization passed over his face. For when he looked down he saw a large knife sticking out of him. Jecht stood up and pushed Eldarion onto the floor. Jecht was exhausted, he picked up one of the swords and leaned on the handle like it was a cane. He slowly stalked over to a chair and collapsed into it. He shut his eyes, just in rest, not sleep for he was very aware of what was going on around him. In fact he could hear some one running down the hallway, he thought about getting up to go see who it was, but he possessed not the strength...

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 09-14-2002 09:29 PM

Thengise went down with Collette to greet her father. Legolas rode in on his horse, but jumped down as he saw his daughter coming out of the fortress. "Thengise?!! Where have you been?"Legolas said as he examined his daughter to make sure she was fine. "I...I ran away and decided to fight in the battle,"Thengise said softly as she looked up at her father. "You decided to go to war?!!! You had me worried sick!"Legolas replied as he now saw some scars on her face. "I'm sorry father,"Thengise said softly looking to the ground. Legolas looked at his daughter, then relief came over him and he embraced Thengise. "Why did you run away?"Legolas now said softly as he drew back.

"Well, the truth is I.... didn't want to marry Eldarion."
"But he is a noble man, I know I didn't really give you a choice, but you don't exactly love anyone."
"Eldarion is not who you think he is."
"How so,"Legolas asked with confusement. "He is an evil man! He treats Thengise like dirt and beats her!"Collette broke in. Legolas looked outraged."Is this true,"he said looking at Thengise. Thengise simply nodded and lifted her sleeves to reveal her bruises. "And the truth is I love another,"Thengise said bravely. Legolas was still shocked at the news of Eldarion. "Who,"Legolas finally asked, yet at that moment King Elessar and a lot of other men came out to greet the prince. Thengise saw that now was n't the best time to say who. "I'll tell you later,"she said softly before heading back into the fortress to go check on Jecht.

Thengise and Collette entered Jecht's room, but found it empty. Thengise began to run to Eldarion's room as she realized Jecht had lied. She threw open the door and was shocked at the sight before her. Eldarion lay helpless on the floor with a knife in his side, while an exhausted Jecht sat in a chair. Thengise ran to Jecht and wrapped her arms around him. "Jecht why must you be so stubborn?"she said worriedly. "I'm only as stubborn as you,"he said with difficulty. "Oh, you shouldn't of done that. What are you going to do if they find out what you did to the prince?"she asked as tears began to run down her face.

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ColletteTook 09-15-2002 12:14 PM

Collette came in and quickly witnessed the goings on. SHe applauded Jecht. "Way to go ,you whooped his butt!"
She walked over to Eldarion, sprawled upon the floor and kicked his other side sharply.
"Rot in hell, little rat" he craoaked, rolling in his own puddle of blood.
"I will be seeing you there pig" she said, winking sarcastically and kicking him again.
"COLLETTE! YOUR NOT HELPING THE SITUATION! STOP IT!" thengise said, a bit frustrated.

Judge Simon 09-15-2002 05:35 PM

Jecht managed a small smile from what Collette had said and ever so slowly he got to his feet, have using the sword and half using Thengise. Once on his feet thought, he shifted his weight onto the sword. He gave Thengise a kiss on the head and wiped away her tears.
Jecht-I do not fear what my future holds Thengise. At least, your won't be darkened by him.[he said as heavy footfalls were heard from outside. Aragorn and Legolas had come and Aragorn was shocked at the sight. legolas rushed over to Thengise and pullled her away as though Jecht were a violent murderer ready to strike at any minute. Aragorn held Eldarion to him for a moment and realized that Eldarion was dead. He stood up and returned to Legolas' side.
Aragorn-What happed here? Who is responsible for this?
Jecht stepped foward with great difficulty
Jecht-It was I, My king.
Aragorn-Why? My killed him!
Thengise-My lord! It is not---[Thengise tried to say before Legolas pulled her back]
Jecht-You can't help me now, Thengise. Your son was beating a person of great heritage and respect, someone had to give him the proper punishment. For if someone hurt the beautiful Arwen Undomiel, would not you done the same?

ColletteTook 09-15-2002 05:55 PM

Collette looked from Jecht to thengise, Thengise to Legolas, Legolas to Aragorn and then Aragorn back to Jecht.
She began to get sick and annoyed from looking up, so just stared at Thengise, who was in a state of suicidal depression.
Collette made a point to interrupt the conversation, but she hurriedly rushed over to the loud hobbit and placed a hand over her mouth

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 09-15-2002 08:58 PM

The king thought to himself. He would've done the same, but how could he leave the man be, while his son and heir of Gondor lay dead on the floor. "It's true, but you yourself deserve proper punishment and the only proper punishment for a murderer is death,"the king said as tears gathered in his eyes from the sight of his dead son and the guilt he himself contained.

Thengise went pale at the very word of death. Her eyes looked empty and lifeless. "I'm sorry captain, but for the time being you are sentenced to death in a mere week,"the king continued. After that being said Thengise felt herself go cold as she fainted and fell to the floor.

Judge Simon 09-16-2002 03:29 AM

Jecht watched as Thengise fell to the floor and heard that he was to die. Soldiers came and took Jecht to the prison. He was put into a cell to himself. Three days past, before he heard any news about what was going on outside his cell. Aragorn had ordered him to die by the sword in a public demonstration. Later that day, Thengise came to see him in the guise of a commoner.
Jecht-Thengise, I wish you had not come.
Thengise-Jecht, I love you and I don't think I can bear life with you not in it.
Jecht-Your life must go on, even if mine doesn't. You told me once that I have much to live for, so do you. You're going to have to live for both of us.[he said as he got closer to her] I do not fear death, Thengise. It was my own pride that got me here. Take care of yourself Thengise, and keep an eye on Collette, or she'll wind up here too.[he finished as he kissed her]

Thengise tried to say something back to him but a guard came from behind and pushed her away.

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ColletteTook 09-16-2002 07:09 AM


Collette was shut up in her room. It would be so, that she would prove that she wasnt nearly as worthless,clubsy and stupid as many thought her to be. Lying upon her bed, she suddenly tied her hair back in a ribbon and began to devise a plan of havoc and distress that would get Jecht and Thengise to safety.
She grinned in a maniacle manner and raced downstairs to get some supplies...

<<SUPER-HOBBIT TO THE RESCUE! WEEEEEE! *clearly on a muffin high*>>

Judge Simon 09-17-2002 04:31 PM

Jecht sat in his cell. Sometimes he would hum the song to himself. It gave him a small hope and take him away, however brief, to a happier place and time. He had not eaten since they brought him here. What was the point? he thought. He wondered how many days had passed, for there was no window in his cell. The only light was from the torches which were always lit. Then one day or night, Jecht certainly didn't know, Aragorn came to his cell. He looked tired and grave, Jecht merely looked up at him.
Jecht-I understand your anger, my king. I would have done the same as you.
Aragorn-Speak not like that, you do not know of my loss.
Jecht-Oh but I do, my king[he said standing up]I know much of your loss. She is more beautiful than the summer, her eyes glisten like the stars. Her voice enchants my mind. She brings light to the dark corners of my very soul. Since the day, you felt your loss of your son, I have felt mine of my love. I welcome the death which you are so swiftly bringing, for every moment I am apart from her, I am in agony, the torment in my heart has surpassed any other I have ever felt. My King, I know indeed of the type of loss you have suffered.
Aragorn-Little comfort it is to me. If you say that you did what you did out of madness, that the war had made you snap, I might be able to allow you to live, for the people share my anger as well. They will not understand but say it was the war,and that the people will understand. Say it wasn't for her...

Jecht just smiled at him
Jecht-It was for her...that is all I will ever say. I was fully aware of what I was doing. It was all for her...

Aragorn left in frustration and Jecht slid back to the floor...

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ColletteTook 09-18-2002 05:16 PM

Collette ambled about the kitchen, unseen at the waist of the many chefs.
For a distaction, she slipped in type of baking soda into the pot of boiling water over the large cooking fire. it bubbled over, to the cooks' distress, as they all went to calm the seething broth, she snatched from their tables, an apron full of ingredients and unshered herself out, without ever being noticed.
In her room once more, she would be seen, melting the ingredients together in a bowl, and wrapping it in red candle wax.
She cackled like a hobbit gone mad ( though she always had had a few screws loose anyways)
and triumphantly held her creations in the air as Thengise walked in somberly.

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 09-22-2002 02:16 PM

Earlier that week

Thengise was dragged back to Legolas by his own guards. "Thengise, talk to me,"Legolas said worriedly. "I have nothing to live for,"she said sadly as she layed down on her bed and closed her eyes. "Do not say such things! You have Mirkwood and your people to live for. You have Collette to live for and you to live for,"Legolas said as a tear ran down his face. Thengise did not notice this as her eyes remained shut. "How can I live without love?.....Without Jecht?"she said softly as tears ran down her own face. Legolas said nothing but turned and left the room in silence.

Thengise had not eaten for a whole week as the seventh day arrived. She hadn't spoken to anyone since the conversation with her father either. She lay in her bed still with her face stained with tears. She looked up as she saw the sun pouring in throught a small opening in the window. The elf gathered all her strength and lifted herself off her bed and out her door. She opened the door to the next room to find Collette holding some kind of explosive in her hand. "Please Collette, do not try to do anything,"Thengise forced herself to say though it came out in a whisper.

ColletteTook 09-22-2002 02:23 PM

Collette grinned as though she had los her mind. "Im going to get you two out of this. Crying and refusing to eat isnt going to save Jecht." With that she ran off, quickly snatching her cloak and hiding the small explosives under her arm.
Thengise began running after her until she ducked under a narrow winding passage way that sank beneath the floors of the castle and the Hangman's nuise in the public square.

Judge Simon 09-23-2002 04:27 PM

Jecht had gotten restless, he began to pace in his cell. Then a guard came over to him
Guard-You're to have a final meeting with the King...
Jecht-[under his breath]like it'll help me any.

Jecht and the guard took an underground passage. On the way Jecht saw Collette running like the crazy little hobbit she was.
She noticed him though he was just a shade of what he used to be. She stopped and just stared a moment. The guard and Jecht continued to walk for a little bit and then they walked up a few stairs and Jecht found that they were in the throne room. Aragorn was seated and Legolas stood next to him. Other than that the room was empty, and then the guard left.

Aragorn-Legolas tells me that his daughter suffers because of you.
Jecht-I knew not.
Legolas-Well she does[he sounded hurt and a bit confused] She has not eaten for a week.
Jecht-She does so of her own free will.
Legolas-Jecht, I know you are an honorable man. I know that you would rather die than lose your honor. But I implore you to leave Gondor, leave.
jecht-What about Thengise?
Legolas-If she loves you, perhaps she will follow.
Jecht-[turns to Aragorn] You would allow me to leave?
Aragorn-Legolas has told me of the true nature of my son, yes, I would allow you to leave.
Jecht-Then I will.

When Jecht snuck away it was night. He rode beneath Thengise's window. He fired an arrow with his message and rode off into the cold night....

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 09-23-2002 10:32 PM

Thengise lay awake in her bed wondering if there was any hope left for Jecht. An arrow with a note struck the wall as it flew in through her window. She looked confusingly at the arrow, which was stuck in the wall. Thengise quickly got up and pulled the note from the arrow. It was from Jecht and she held her breath as she read it.

She looked out the window as she finished reading to find fresh prints on the floor. She felt her energy slowly returning as happiness flowed through her body. He was free. She looked to her chair and quickly pulled on a dark green cloak. Thengise ran out her room and down the halls until she reached the entrance,which was surrounded by guards. She looked to the Great Hall, which had a single open window. The air outside was cool on her face as she climbed out of the window. "Arien,"she whispered as she drew closer to the stables. A white horse came galloping towards her. "Noro lim,"she whispered in it's ear as she jumped onto the horse. The white horse ran swiftly throught the path, which Jecht's horse had left.

Arien slowed down as she heard the crackling of a fire. Thengise quietly jumped off and looked around a tree to find a man sitting by a fire. The man's face was illuminated as the flame rose. Thengise ran to the man as she realised it was Jecht. Jecht looked up smiling as if having been waiting for her. he stood up as Thengise threw her arms around him. "I knew you would come,"he whispered softly in her ear. "Oh Jecht I would've gone to my death if you would have been killed,"she whispered softly before wrapping an arm around his neck as she lost herself in a deep kiss.

ColletteTook 09-24-2002 07:41 AM

<< oh thanks, leave the mentally disturbed hobbit with explosives yeah. just leeeeaaave her behind without i thought...i see how it is. now im going to blow something up... [img]smilies/evil.gif[/img] >>

Collette jumped awake after hearing a sickening thud against the wall in the bedroom beside hers. Looking out the window, she saw Jecht riding away. In all her happiness, there was still a hint of remorse. All those explosives wasted!
Five minutes later she witnessed Thengise riding off after him. She tried to scream out, but had no will. The bitter curse of love had finally bewitched her, and henceforth drove her to leave a friendship behind.
Collette supposed they would go off together and live happily ever after. Happy for them- dreams come true for some.
And she supposed she would go back to her worthless theiving in Bree, until she was caught and hung or maybe she would die of plaugeing disease.
Either would fit such a worthless life, she thought bitterly as she packed her things, and dissapeared into the night, never to be seen again.

Judge Simon 09-24-2002 04:11 PM

--OoC--Well you don't need to be bitter about it [img]smilies/redface.gif[/img] I will edit this with more post later, I'm very tired and uninspired right now [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]

ColletteTook 09-28-2002 10:14 AM

<< k hobbit to the rescue, im gonna save this RPG since no one is replyin>>

Collette walked along the northeastern road in a state of gloom. She was almost sure she would be lost, having left her map at home.
She re-shoudered her pack before walking on late into the night, though the sun began to rise, she still conitnued her stride.

Judge Simon 10-05-2002 03:01 PM

Jecht pulled away from Thengise.
Jecht-Come on, we got a hobbit to chase after!

He gave Thengise a quick peck on the cheek. And swung onto his horse, she followed suit and soon they were racing down the plains. Jecht was in the lead, the wind rushing through his hair, the horse's hoofs pounding beneath him and the scenery rushing by. Then some metres ahead he saw a little figure. At first he thought it was a small girl, but then he realized who it was. He smiled and raced on. He pulled out a sack and rode up behind Collette and swooped her up in the bag. He stopped his horse and got down. He placed the sack on the ground and Collette fought her way out. Jecht was sitting on the ground laughing. His laugh was deep and loud. Collette looked mad enough to take on a dragon with a toothpick. She walked up to Jecht and kicked him hard when Thengise rode up...

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ColletteTook 10-05-2002 06:22 PM

Collette kicked Jecht where the sun dont shine.
He rolled over in pain. "How dare you? I've lived my life on the streets! When someone does that its serious to me!" She kicked him again and started to weep. "STOP IT!" thengise said, jumping off her horse. Collette picked up her pack and continued on her way. "GET BACK HERE!" thengise roared.
Collette wheeled around her face streamed with tears.
"Get back here?" She breathed. "GET BACK HERE? Now you want me back?? YOU LEFT ME ALONE! After i gave my life for your happiness- and then you left me alone, you didnt even care what happened to me becasue your too blinded by love!" she sobbed. "You have you happy ending now leave me in peace!"

Judge Simon 10-05-2002 06:38 PM

OoC-uh oh, I guess I'm still in trouble with someone.

Jecht groaned and slowly stood up. He looked at the retreating back of Collette.
Jecht-Collette Took of Many Wanderings, you are not a compainion that I would toss aside, You have shown the ferocity that rivals that of dragons and a will to match, but I implore you to come with me to LothLorien where you will be greatly welcomed and rewarded for all your trials and tribulations.

Jecht stood humbly before the hobbit awaiting her reply. He saw that the yeys of the hobbit were cold on him.

Jecht- I realize that I know not of your past, and I don't presume to, I just want to express my gratitude for all that you have done...

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ColletteTook 10-06-2002 02:52 AM

"I have done nothing but be a hinderance- that is not worthy of recognition." she muttered.
"But if you insist..." she said trying to act reluctant. She jumped up behind Thengise on her horse and clung rather uneasily and they were off back to the White City.

<<OOC: excuse my short reply. Not in btrouble boy- though you have frequently "forgotten" to PM me.>>

Judge Simon 10-06-2002 06:36 AM

OoC-we're not going back to the White city, since when was Lorien called the white city?

Judge Simon 10-06-2002 10:53 AM

They were on their way to Lorien, Jecht in the lead, although Thengise and Collette were close by. Even though Jecht had spent considerable time in Mirkwood, Lorien held a hidden chapter of his past. It held one of the few happy chapters in Jecht's life and he was glad to be returning there. The fields was covered with long blades of glittering grass and Jecht spurred his horse to a full gallop and he saw that Thengise and Collette were keeping the pace. He looked over his shoulder at them. Thengise's hair was caught in the wind and shown in the sunlight. Collette was smiling behind her. It wasn't her usual smile of mischief but that of Happiness. Jecht smiled back at them and shouted back.
Jecht-Come on you two, catch me if you can!
He laughted his deep laugh and rode faster. They tore through the plains at great speed. Then to Thengise's horror and Collette interest, Jecht had jumped from the galloping horse's back and into the long grass. The horse continued a bit and then stopped, slowly walking back towards where Jecht had jumped off. Thengise rushed over but Collette got there first and tackled Jecht. Jecht stood up and was still laughing.
Thengise-Well, you have an awful sense of humor
Collette-I like it!
Jecht-I think we've travelled enough for one day, we're in no rush. Lets rest here. The sun will set soon and then we can fix a bit of dinner.

OoC-looks like someone needs a hug
*picks the little hobbit up and gives her a hug*

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ColletteTook 10-06-2002 12:51 PM

< *sniff* :accepts hug graciously:>

Collette speared one of the muffins from her sack with a sharp stick and roasted it over the warm fire.
"You've gained weight" Thengise observed at her. She looked down. "So I have." she said a bit vaguely. "Your not going back to Bree are you?" she burst forth. "I miss the Shire." she said, oblivious to the fact her muffin was now on fire. Jecht reached over and pushed it out of the fire for her. "Your going back?"
"Cant. Ive got a death warrant there remember?"
"Death warrant?! You??" Jecht said, his mouth hanging in disbelief.
"Yep" Collette said, wrinkling her nose and throwing the charred muffin to the side.
"For what???"
"Its getting late." Collette said, forecing a yawn.
"'night" and crawled beneath her cloak, leaving Jecht and Thengise to themselves.

Judge Simon 10-06-2002 01:07 PM

The sun had set in the far west and Jecht leaned his back up against a tree. The fire burned nicely and the night air was just cool enough. Thengise sat next to him and Jecht placed his arm around her as she rested her head on his shoulder. Coming back toward Lorien was doing him good, he thought. He had been away from it for too long. He glanced over at Collette, that crazy halfling compainion of his and he smirked. He then looked at Thengise. Her green eyes were hidden behind her closed eye lids and he could hear her breathing softly. A bird called out in the distance, but other than that the only other sound was of the fire crackling. Then Jecht heard light voices behind and above him, in the tree. The voices were fair and didn't sound threatening. Jecht listened silently. The voices were speaking in elvish. And they appeared to be discussing the people below them, which was Thengise, Jecht and Collette.
Voice1-Who are they? What are they doing here?
Voice2-Open your eyes and use them once and awhile, Faerer! I recognise one I think, but I haven't seen him in ages.
Faerer-Well, I don't recognise any of the lot, Valrue, won't you enlighten me?
then Valrue noticed that Jecht was still awake
Valrue-SSSSHHHH...come we must tell the Lady.

Jecht heard the slightest rustle of leaves and branches and then he knew they were gone. So much for surprise, he thought.

ColletteTook 10-06-2002 01:17 PM

Morning rose lazily the next day, and Thengise had meant to wake Collette, but at the moment was amusing herself by watching the hobbit mumble the names of different foods into her cloak-pillow.
Jecht finally nudged her awake and laughed. They were sitting eating and (for collette) grumpily chattering and complaining when from out of nowhere, elves surrounded the group with many weapons. Instinctively, Collette flashed her dagger from its sheath and leaped in front of her friends (which are four feet taller than her- as if it wold help).
Two of them clucked in elvish and pointed at Jecht and Collette who had slipped her cloak about her earlier, as well as the hood, and they thought they were seeing Peregrin Took.

Judge Simon 10-06-2002 01:57 PM

Thengise had drawn a weapon as well but Jecht's hand didn't reach for a weapon. Instead he spoke to one of the elves that he recognised from the far past.
Jecht[in whatever form of Elvish that is spoken in Lorien]-Valrue, of Loth Lorien, I am a friend of old that drifted away. I wish to speak with Lady.
Valrue[same thing]-You are like a ghost to me, I remember your face but that is it. Friend or Foe, I can't recall. But you shall have your audience with the Lady.

Two of the guards and Valrue walked Jecht away leaving Thenigse and Collette. He tried to mouth to them that everything was going to be ok, but the elves hurried him along. Faerer and about 5 well armed elves were left.
Faerer[common tongue]-It isn't often that hobbits return to these woods Master Took, the Lady will be glad to see you again.

They walked Thengise and Collette into the wood as well but in a different direction than Jecht's.

Jecht and his elves soom reached the center of Lorien. Jecht remembered every tree branch. Valrue told him that the Lady was waiting for him and that if he tried anything funny, well...Valrue made his point. Jecht climbed and stairs as they wound up the tree. Until he finally reached her chamber, he seemed to hear a voice that said "Enter"

Jecht walked in to the brightly lit room and beheld Galadriel, to whom all other flowers were shamed. Jecht bowed slightly and Galadriel came to him.
Galadriel-It has been long, Jecht, I almost thought you weren't going to come back.
Jecht-I keep my promises, you know that. Are you sure that what you're going to do is the right thing, even Valrue has no memory of me. What if they don't trust me?
Galadriel-They will, they will, don't worry now

A yound blond elf came running in, whispered to Galadriel and then left.
Galadriel-Your friends, have entered the center of the city. Before meeting them , perhaps we should give you a new wardrobe.

Jecht looked a bit confused and Galadriel led him to another room. As she shut the door leaving Jecht alone, he looked around the room. Folded neatly on the chair was a fullset of clothes. Jecht changed into them. They fit perfectly. Jecht looked in a mirror and almost didn't recognise himself. He was clad in a silken silver shirt, dark black pants and boots, on his belt was a new sword with a sheath with silver engravings. His hair was no longer woild and his face had grown fairer. Lastly Jecht put on a long black cloak. It was so light. He looked like a elven prince of old. He returned to Galadriel's chamber and she motioned for him to take a seat next to her. An elf was standing close by holding a circlet of silver. Galadriel took it and placed it on Jecht's head.
Galadriel-You are ready for the challenge of caring for Lorien when I have passed.

She said softly as Thengise and Collette arrived.

OoC-OK you guys can definatly start back further, you know coming into Lorien and such, hate for you to think I'm power posting. BTW I'd like it if you guys didn't recognise him for a little bit...

ColletteTook 10-06-2002 02:19 PM


"It isn't often that hobbits return to these woods Master Took, the Lady will be glad to see you again." Collette opened her mouth in a bewildered manner, but refrained for she whole-heartedly was convinced the elf was insane.
They were led through many identical corridors, of silverish gray glowing with paintings upon the walls of gorgeous elf princesses and valiant battles that jumped out as if they were real.
They were informed that they were to meet Galdriel and the Lorien heir.
Entering the room, Collette felt belittled in size and fairness by much. She was sure even Thengise felt similar.
"Princess of Mirkwood" Galdriel said, gracefully beconing her to a chair. Thengise bowed with equal grace and took a seat. Collette stood uneasily before the queen, but she smiled like she knew her. "I was wondering when you'd be visiting me" she said. Collette let out a sigh of relief. "Master Peregrin"
"WHAT? im not a boy!"
From the corner of her eye she saw the elven prince working very hard at restraining his hysterical laughter, the way someone she knew used to do....
Collette's eyes went wide at him.
"How come you didnt tell us?" she asked.
"What that they thought you were your own uncle?"
Thengise raised her eyebrows "Do you two know each-"
But her own eyes widened as she finally recognized his grin.
"Your not Peregrin" the lady said, throughly confused.
"Im his neice" she said, throwing back her hood and revealing her tangled locks of curls.

Judge Simon 10-06-2002 02:58 PM

Jecht-Surely, My Lady, you knew that that wasn't Master Pippin, I mean, look at her nose.[Jecht said as he leaned into one side of his chair]

Collette looked like she would spit posion at Jecht. He laughed again.
Jecht-I am only kidding, Collette has rivaled her relation in bravery. She is one of my honorable and dear compainions.
Galadriel-[in Jecht mind]But there is one dearer to you still[out loud] Forgive me young hobbit, I didn't mean to confuse you, won't you please sit down.

Collette looked relived and went to sit next to Thengise. And there they told in full of their journies and adventures. Galadriel was impressed with them all but especially the little hobbit.
Galadriel-Tonight, when the sun sets we will have a great feast in your honor. Please excuse me for now I have some matters to which I must attend.

Galadriel departed leaving them alone.
Collette-Jecht! Why in the world didn't you tell us?
Jecht-I wasn't sure if I was ready to handle such a life as this...

OOC: ok I'm done for now, if I keep writting, it'll get worse. Creativity drained

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 10-06-2002 10:54 PM

Thengise looked at Jecht starry eyed. She was still shocked, yet the surprise would actually be in favor for their love for each other. "I understand, it can be quite hard to have such duties, yet in the end you will realize it will all be well worth it. Especially when you see how your people have benefited,"Thengise said softly as she thought of Mirkwood. "And if it helps, I know you can handle it,"Thengise continued with a soft smile.

She looked around at the forest. She had visited Lothlorien as a child a couple of times with her father, yet it had been quite some time ago. Still, it remained as she had last seen it. Beautiful and glowing was this forest. She turned her gaze back at Jecht, whom seemed to belong to his new wardrobe and title. He was truly the perfect prince for Lothlorien.... and Mirkwood she thought to herself.

Two elves came forward into the chamber. "Come we shall escort you two to your rooms, where we have provided you with fresh clothes for the feast tonight,"one of the elves said, meaning Collette and Thengise. The two girls bowed before the heir of Lothlorien and followed the two elves. Collette was lead into a room by one of the elves and Thengise was taken to another room, which was a bit further down the hall.

The room was quite large, like her own room in Mirkwood. There were beautiful carvings of trees and leaves around her in the room. She looked to the bed where a white flowing gown lay.

<<sorry i didn't get to finish, but i got to go>>

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Judge Simon 10-08-2002 05:29 PM

Jecht stayed seated after they had left. Lost in thought, he played with the slight beard that was growing on his chin. An elf entered
Elf-Sir, Can I get you anything?
Jecht seemed to come back to life and stirred.
Jecht-No, no thanks I'm fine.
He got up and walked into the hallway, the elf following behind.
Jecht-And who are you, that you should want to follow me around like a shadow?[he said, but there was a kind tone in his voice]
Elf-Sir, I have heard of you, and your adventures in Mordor. I have respect for you and wish to become a squire to you.
Jecht smiled
Jecht-Thanks good and well, but I need to be alone for right now.

The young elf bowed and left Jecht alone. He walked out into the vast forest of Lorien. The air always seemed to be filled with a song. Jecht set his hand against a tree and stared off into the distance. He chuckled lightly to himself. A little admirer of his exploits. He would have to find out the name of the elven lad. He pushed the runaway hairs out of his face. His bristley hair had grown out longer and the silver haris were slowly disappearing. Jecht turned around and made his way back to the elven city of Lorien. Many were busy preparing for the feast later in the evening.

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Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 10-09-2002 10:30 PM

Thengise changed into the elegant, flowing, white gown. She braided two small parts of her hair, which she put up, leaving leaving the rest of her hair to flow down her back and over her shoulders. She washed her face with fresh water. Her rosy cheeks glowed in the light. On her head she wore a circlet of silver, which resembled entwining branches. She looked out the window to see the sun beginning to set, which meant the feast would soon begin. She took a quick look at herself before opening the door and walking out into the hall.

She walked down the hall and entered the great dining hall, which was already beginning to fill up with the elves of Lothlorien. At one end of the grand table sat the Lady Galadriel, at the other was Lord Celeborn. Thengise took her seat to the left of Galdriel. Collette sat next to Thengise. The hobbit was already telling the elves of their adventure. Thengise smiled, but her eyes strayed to the figure which had just entered the door. It was Jecht, he took his seat to the right of Galadriel and across Thengise. The guests had grown silent as Jecht took his seat. Thengise silently raised her green eyes to Jecht's. A soft smile spread across her face as he lifted his own eyes to hers.

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Judge Simon 10-11-2002 06:31 PM

The sounds of merriment began again and Collette resumed telling of her adventures to the elves. They smiled knowingly and laughed at all of Collette's jokes. Jecht remained silent. He had much on his mind. He had caught the smile from Thengise and returned it. Galadriel rose from her seat and as she crossed towards Celeborn, she placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. It seemed to calm him. Jecht's heart seemed to become lighter. He got up and excused himself from the table. He gave a look to Thengise that seemed to ask her to follow him. He walked away from the feast and into the silent forest.

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 10-12-2002 12:04 AM

Thengise smiled as Collette went on with her stories. She looked up at Jecht who was leaving the table and gave her a look, which seemed to ask her to follow him. Thengise took her leave from the feast as she excused herself from the table. She followed Jecht a couple of feet away as he walked through the halls and out into the silent forest. Jecht stopped at a small clearing by a little stream. The trickling of the water seemed to provide the forest with a soothing lullaby. Thengise stopped in front of Jecht. She looked up to the sky and gazed at the gifts of Varda as they shined through the blanket of the dark blue sky. After a moment of silence, she fixed her gaze back on Jecht who seemed to be watching her. "What is on your mind?"Thengise asked softly as she searched his eyes.

Judge Simon 10-12-2002 08:11 AM

Jecht smiled as he studied her with his eyes.
Thengise and smiled and Jecht seemed to catch a hint of a blush.
Jecht-Thengise, I love you more than life itself. I thought I had lost you, back in Gondor. I don't want that to happen again, ever.

Jecht pulled Thengise closer to him and kissed her.

Jecht-Will you stay with me? What I'm trying to say is...will you marry me?

Thengise Greenleaf of Mirkwood 10-13-2002 10:48 AM

Thengise looked up at Jecht as she stood in his arms. "Oh Jecht I would love nothing more than to stay with you 'till the end of my days,"she said accepting his proposal. Tears of happiness began to fill in her eyes. She felt like she could stand there in her love's arms forever. She gave Jecht a kiss then layed her head on his shoulder.

ColletteTook 10-13-2002 04:17 PM

Being the spy that Collette is, she had caught every gesture and movement of Jecht and Thengise at the table that night. She was aware of what would happen and smiled in the prospect of it.
The elves, who were expecting yet another pun from the curious looking hobbit, crazy she was, but an amusement as well. That was all she was to them. A lower being that would provide amusement. At that thought, Collette excused herself from the table and trasped off to her room.

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