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Pipe Top Ten Signs You Are A Geek

We Downers are a good bunch of people, seeped in Tolkien to a varying degree of geekiness*. You might know Middle Earth geography better than the geography of your own continent. You might speak Quenya as a second language. You might have studied the behaviour patterns of orcs. As for myself, I know the lineages of most major Tolkien characters better than the lineage of any real-world ruling family ever.

Geeks are a noble and admirable people, whose immense contribution to the enrichment of our world deserves attention. Rarely do these curious people limit their worthy aspirations to one field. Geekiness simply oozes out of them, spilling over multiple fields of interest. Geeks, here is your chance to be proud of it and confess what stuff fills up your mind!

*Note: I appreciate that there are non-native English speakers on the Downs. For the fun of it, I decided to see how Google defines "geek". I got:

1. an unfashionable or socially inept person.
2. a carnival performer who performs wild or disgusting acts.

Let me assure you that geeks are no such thing, they are just super obsessed and excited about their obsessions.

So share with us what you geek out about, whether it be Tolkien or other things!

To throw a few statements out there, in no particular order:

1. You know you are an anatomy geek when upon seeing a circle within a larger circle your mind jumps to the conclusion "axon of a myelinated neuron".
2. You know you are a math geek when you try to solve math problems often shown in the background in school or college-related movies.
3. You know you are a Tolkien geek when, upon coming to a large room filled with a couple hundred posters, you immediately recognize and run over to a tiny Map of Middle Earth.
4. You know you are a biology geek when you and your friend wear matching "I <3 genetics" shirts for the hell of it and pretend to be homologous chromosomes.
5. You know you are a Tolkien geek when you liken city layouts and architecture to places in LOTR.
6. You know you're a Tolkien geek when you feel the urge to compare characters from just about every other book (most recently Les Miserables) to a Tolkien character.

Your turn!
You passed from under darkened dome, you enter now the secret land. - Take me to Finrod's fabled home!... ~ Finrod: The Rock Opera
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