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Downers' Own Music

I think I'm not the only one here who plays or makes music. Still I haven't come up with a thread like this.

So could we share our selfmade music relating to Tolkien and his works and exchange our comments on them?

Here to begin is my view on a Finnish composer Pekka Tegelman's version of "the Song of Boromir" that was composed for a theatre performance of the LotR in Finland in late 80's.

The original version had a large orchestra with strings and horns & stuff (and was sung by the then front-row actors in Finnish) so I have been forced to take considerable liberties in arranging this to suit better the preferences and possibilities I have - and making the melody to conform into the original English text. Still I have in the spirit of the original followed the idea of expanding the song step by step, starting from only an acoustic guitar and vocals and ending to the full-sized band and several vocals.

Other than that, only the melody-line is taken from Tegelman's original composition. All the rest is twisted (arranged) by me and played in my room (the drums I've programmed note by note with the aid of a drum-software - the neighbours wouldn't probably be too pleased about a drummer in a block of flats).

There are only the first and the third stanzas from the original text here followed by just one chorus. Even this way the thing takes four and half minutes...

I hope you enjoy this even though the quality of sound in MP3's is so terrible. (if anyone knows about an easy way to share actual audio-files I would be happy to learn more)

I'll be waiting for other contributions of Tolkien inspired music to be heard here!

It would also be nice to share songs if anyone of you would be interested. What I mean is that if one makes the basic stuff (drums, bass...) another might add her/his vocals there, second her/his bright guitar-solo and so forth...

PS. Thanks to Sleepy Ranger, Glirdy and Valesse for the idea as all this began with a possibility to make a Middle-Earth Idols Gala performance... which sadly never came about.
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