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lindil has just left Hobbiton.

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not really outline...

It is true that this latest version has only a few modifications from it's predecessor, but I hope that all would read the notes that preface the outline.

Quite a few points are made, among them that this is not a group sanctioned outline -just my own thoughts on the matter. What I would do if left entirely to my own devices. I put it up/update it periodically for a few reasons:
1> It is a convienent place to put down ideas and oddd bits of ideas re: the canon as I come across them or as they are suggested.
2> I hope it stimulates thought and the occasional reply.
3> Gives an idea of what could go into one version of a New Silmarillion/Translations from the Elvish.
4> Let's people know my particular take on things at any given time.
5> With this 'outline' someone could by marking the relevant passages in their UT/ HoME /77 more or less read through alot of the new Silm themselves w/out all the fuss of scanning or typing or whatever.

Durelen , not sure what you mean by ' not really' except maybe that it is not a classical 'outline such as :
I piupwnpwjnp
* * * * A piruhqpiruhq
* * * * Bpwoierjpqoirqpoeigqper
* * * * * * * * 1 poiupqp
* * * * * * * * 2 wierupf
II iupwnpwjnp
* * * * A hqpiruhq
* * * * B ierjpqoirqpoeigqper
* * * * * * * * 1 poiupqp
* * * * * * * * 2 erupf

or some such.

As for the round earth - Mithadan , Saulotus and I began wiyh the agreement [just as you were coming on board] that we would do a flat -earth and a round -earth versions of our drafts. as testers - not as "canon' there was to be no decision yet. saulotus was the point man for the MT/round world version. Since his departure, Mithadan has expressed interest in still doing MT drafts - even though [if I understand him aright] he is not completely sold on the idea.

My own veiw is that the a MT version will more than likely wreak havoc w/ the integrity of the stories, w/out resorting to serious fan-fictionalizing. I am all for encouraging anyone who wants to go that route , and I think there is room for a 1/2 dozen or so different versions of the Silm ,and the MT one has a high claim to legitimacy in my book. It is not my choice ,though on which one I would like to see finished first.
I just don't feel that keen on doing the immense amount of work it would take to eliminate so much of the tales that I am already accomadated to. I am more interested in what can be added ,that fits in w/ the general pre-MT conception than reducing to fit a difficult abstract ideal. Just my opinion - the groups last vote on it was that we would do both versions in our 3 drafts and then seek greater input and participation. [which may or may not lead to a choice to do a MT Silm].

[please note that the group reffered to here is not the same as the current Silmarillion project group and there is no current MT version of the Project due to voluntary staffing cuts and typical funding shortfalls -lindil oct 2002]

I hope this clarifies things - I have also renamed the title of the thread -eliminating 'proposal' from it.


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