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The Half-Elven Foundation-VII

Hi there Reader,

You are welcome to post here, on absolutely any "Half-Elven" topic, for a specific cross-integration of "Elfy-by-Half" discussion, with some ideas as follows:
  • Lifespan matters
  • Pereldar Not Commonly Named
  • Earendil and Pre-Post Valinorean Decrees
  • Half-Elven Blood Lines (e.g. Imrahil)
  • About Silmarien (personal favourite)
  • About Gilmith, Ivriniel, Elladan, Elrohir, Elros, Elrond, the Heirs of Elros (all), and anyone I've missed
  • Half-Elven Mythology in General & External to Tolkien as a 'juxtapositioning' idea

This thread, though, has three further variations making it a 'beyond just a discussion' focus.
1. I'm coming and going here, as I'm wading through the Thread Histories of this Forum, to post Summary URL data, on prior Half-Elfy matters.
2. It's also for interacting with regular posters, for on-topic emphasis, but with the addendum permitting some social exchange. E.g.

[PS]Hi there. Just back after two weeks, because Xmas rush. I'll be back on and off over the coming days to update the thread. Hope everyone's been well.

Please enjoy coming and going here from time to time, for this warmer 'hello' thingy[/PS]

3. The thread is -- unashamedly -- going to have a far higher number of Thread-Keeper Posts (at times, or at most times) than other posters' posts. There is to be a housekeeping reason for this, which will be about what I unearth in interesting posters' long-gone materials, that I hope to use to inspire participation. I may even go as far as PM'ing some long-lost people in hopes to have them return to keep us company.

As, such, it is also a 'meet n greet' Thread, and think of it as a 'Master of Ceremonies' kind of thread (visualise a wedding, here), and this is also what keeps the thread visible on the First Page of this Forum. I don't want a sticky. It's better to do it this way, as I've found it is more fun!

Also, please expect another or variation on this Thread, termed 'The Tale of the Years' which, like this thread, is really a 'meta-thread'. One can come to any meta-thread to grab really interesting valid ideas for a current thread of *any* kind, and in fact, use a meta-thread to ***invigorate*** any discussion with cross-linked URL.
Kind Regards
A call to my lost pals. Dine, Orcy_The_Green_Wonder, Droga, Lady Rolindin. Gellion, Thasis, Tenzhi. I was Silmarien Aldalome. Candlekeep. WotC. Can anyone help?
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