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the phantom is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.the phantom is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.the phantom is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.
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Eye Phantasy Football: Arda Cup 2015

Arda Cup 2015 approaches!

Tell your friends, tell your enemies, and tell those people you don't really talk to!

Last season the always competitive Nilp broke through in a big way and led the competition wire to wire. Will he be able to defend his title? Or will a past champion rediscover the magic to regain the crown? Gwath, Nog, Boro, Skip...? Or will an entirely new star arise?

We shall see....


Before I list the rules for this year's competition, we need to take care of some business- deciding who will fill the final spots on the Barrow-Downs and Tol-In-Gaurhoth rosters!

Per tradition (and as a reward for lots of game-writing and organization), Boro and I are already placed on the team, as is Legate thanks to his hard-luck prize last year.

Orodreth, Finduilas, and Edrahil will be playing with Tol In Gaurhoth this year as well- returning to a place they know well (or at least knew before it was taken over by Sauron and his mean old Werewolves). That leaves three Wight slots and two Wolf slots to fill on TIG. There are also two Wight slots and a Wolf slot on the Barrow-Downs team, but for the moment those are reserved for new players. (If you've never played Arda Cup before and you sign up, you're on the Barrow-Downs team. In the absence of three completely new players, three players that didn't play last year will gain the slots.)

So long story short, we need to elect five people to play.

As of now everyone is allowed five total votes for either nominating or seconding (you can't vote for the same person twice of course). Anyone that receives five votes is in immediately, and if not enough Downers have received the necessary number of votes by next week I will simply take the highest vote getters.

Don't worry about nominating Wights & Wolves separately- that will sort itself out later.

The teams currently stand-

Tol In Gaurhoth
GK (TBAwolf)
DF Edrahil
DF (TBAwight)
DF (TBAwolf)

DF BoroWolf
MF (TBAwight)
MF Finduilas
MF Orodreth
MF PhantomWolf
FW (TBAwight)
FW LegateWolf

The Barrow-Downs
GK Lumpkin
DF River Woman
DF (TBAwolf)
DF (TBAwight)

DF The Barrow-Wight
MF Goldberry
MF (TBAwight)
MF Hookbill
MF Argeleb II
FW Bombadil
FW Witch King
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