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Silmarillion Rewrite

Here is my rewrite of the book in an attempt to create a happier ending.

The changes planned:

- Nerdanel goes with Feanor and his hosts
- Elenwe survives the crossing
- Fingolfin and Feanor have an amicable relationship
- Maedhros doesn't end up captured
- Aredhel lives
- Maeglin receives therapy
- Lalaith survives
- Turin takes different paths, and his life improves considerably as a result
- Beleg survives
- Turin marries Finduilas
- Nienor marries Brandir
- Lalaith marries Beleg
- FoG goes pretty much the same, except Turgon and Maeglin work together in secret to save the city's inhabitants
- Everything else remains the same

Unfinished Tales of Numenor/Akallabeth
- Erendis actually listens to her husband
- She travels with him to Middle Earth and they create a bastion there for the sole purpose of opposing Sauron.
- Erendis uses her love of the forests to convince some Ents to join their cause
- Tar-Miriel is much more genre-savvy. She gathers the Faithful and their loyalists around her, in a bid to ensure she becomes the Queen before Pharazon could do the same.
- She names Pharazon her regent in an effort to appease his desire for power.
- She begins to heal the Kingdom
- Her hard work eventually pays off, and Elven ships return to Numenor.
- With her strength in numbers, she decides to take down Sauron
- The newly returned Elves lend her a hand with their weapons and their magicks.
- Sauron is defeated and executed
- Sauron's spirit flees and he wanders the world without a body, waiting for Melkor to escape the Void

(It does have one flaw: without CoH misfortune, Turin would have no reason to fight and kill Morgoth)
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