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Same Letter Sentences!

I've thought this would be a fun idea for a thread. You have to come up with a sentencethat's composed of words that start with one letter (which is given). There have to be at least 5 such words. The person who does it has to name the letter that he wants the next person to use.
"small words" like a, an, the, in, on, with, be, to, etc are allowed, but you cannot count them as part of the 5 (or more).
The content doesn't have to make any sense at all, but try to keep the grammar (that's what "small words" are for). The sentences can be as far-fetched as you want, as long as it is a relatively proper sentence.
It has to be Tolkien/Barrow-Downs related (you can do it about a Downer), any connection that you want.

Here's an example:
"Seven stinky Smeagols suddenly sat on a smelly slippery swamp" - that would be counted as 8 words.

Titles/names that are a combination of 2 or more words could be used, just use a -dash- to indicate that these words go as one. The first letter of the first word is the one that you go by. Example: "Great Gandalf the Green gurgled on the Golden-Hall"

Whoever wants to go, try the letter F.
Have fun guys!
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