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Expectations VS Reality with Rings Of Power

When I heard Amazon had acquired the rights to make a new Lord of the Rings show, I was overwhelmed with joy and excitment. When the first picture of the second age map, the excitment bar reached to a higher level. I always envisioned in my head the show tone and design would be similar to PJ Lotr movies.

When the show aired, I was completely immersed without thinking of any of my expectations, because I was happy to return to the show. Now that it has ended, thoughts of how I envisioned the show came back. ROP still has taken strong cues from Lotr trilogy. Mordor looks basicially the same as from the movies. Same things with the orcs, balrogs, landscapes, elvish structures, weapons, somewhat the armor etc. But I wished it could have been much more?

Like I envisioned the elves would still retain long hair, so I was a bit taken aback when suddenly we see them as high-fantasy versions of Vulcans. Galadriel and Celebrimbor are characters I was surprised they took a completely u-turn with. Sauron disguising himself as a low-man and not a angelical being Annatar.

I don't want to talk about so much the criticism surrounding the show, but I do think if some of the stuff I mentioned about the elves, Galadriel and Celebrimbor were closer to PJ films, like Galadriel being the wise and ethereal, Celebrimbor was much younger looking(Charles Edward did a good job though)and elves had long hair, the negativety against the show would be much lesser.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show and just happy we get to return to the world of ME.
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