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**Spoiler warning!!** Rings of Power S1 E3 Adar

Well, here we are, back for episode 3.

For some reason the pacing of this felt all over the place. Fast and then slow and then fast... this episode just made me tired and I can't for the life of me remember everyone's names nor do I feel like I have a reason to. Plus there were long bits where it switched to one perspective then to another for a short while then back to the first....

I don't get Elendil's interaction with his kids. all. Why is he upset about the boy wanting to defer? What does that even mean? Skip a year at school? Sounds good to me...

The Queen Regent who's name I can't remember is underdeveloped. She's your bog standard queen and she wants the Elf dead.

Galadriel finds out that the symbol is actually sideways and is really a map of Mordor. There's a contingency plan that Sauron is following: in the event of Melkor's defeat break glass... lol. I actually kind of like this plot thread. It shows foresight on the enemies part prior to the end of the War of Wrath. They're not completely narcissistic to think they are undefeatable. I can get behind this.

I've said my piece about Halbrand and the Stranger in another thread. Halbrand = Sauron; Stranger = Gandalf. The Harfoots are still cute. I like their story and want to see where it is going.

I feel like Arondir is coated in some very thick Plot Armor. The fight with the Orc was pretty good, but those Elves and Men got SLAUGHTERED...except Arondir. He was fine.

The Evil Sword did not make an appearance this episode.

The outfits and sets are still gorgeous. The only music I remember is the Orc music which was similar enough to the LOtR Orc music.
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