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Ring **Spoiler Warning** Rings of Power S1E7 - "The Eye"

As we reach the season finale, questions will be answered and answers will be questioned.

Play by Play Thoughts:

- Always appreciate a good volcano scene, but not surprising the amount of survivors.

- Isildur's demise is obviously a fake out for those who know the books.

- Beginning to see more signs that the Stranger is one of the Istari, or maybe they might go for a deep dive and create Tom Bombadil(I imagine the Stranger would start collecting Tom's iconic wardrobe one by one)

- Out of all the locations, I have been liking the Dwarven ones the most. The Durin's have showed some good emotion and passion.

- Half way through the episode and there isn't any mention of Halbrand? That seems... really weird.

- We get our first Celeborn namedrop, who married her when he stumbled upon her dancing and that was the last time she saw him? I don't think that is how marriages work. Also didn't like the meaning that he is dead, but that probably means he is captured somewhere and will be rescued by Galadriel.

- Okay, that one was a bit on Nori for alerting the seekers. But, I understand that she was trying to protect the Stranger.

- they sure do like reusing cliches - twice they used the "that person looks like who I am looking for from a far andddd it's not them"

- Weird to not have Arondir and Bronwyn show up until near the end, but i get the emotional point. But having no mention of Halbrand at all just feels the worst. Last episode ended on the "King of the Southlands" and now this is all "Remember whats-his-name? Hell-Brad?"

- Heh, line callback to Boromir.

- "Harfoots stick together! Except that time my family and I were left behind"

- Harfoot Fellowship!

- Pelargir mentioned, also first time of "Old Numenorean Settlements" I think. This might make the Southlanders as Proto-Gondorians.

- And there it is, the "Oh yeah, what about Halbrand" moment.

- Galadriel taking Halbrand to the elves for healing might be the Annatar introduction of Celebrimbor, if Halbrand proves to be Sauron.

- Durin's Bane emerges.

- Seems like Adar is doing all the work for Sauron to copy his homework.

Final Thoughts:
- Another choppy episode of poor writing and pacing, but glad to see things moving and developing. I have a feeling that we are only going to see the rings of power as a drawing in Celebrimbor's hands in the season finale at this point. With two episodes left (I believe) I am either expecting it to pick up, or leave it with a cliffhanger for the second season. If the latter is the case, that would make for an overall disappointing first season. Especially given that showrunners/actors have already said that we are not going to find out the true identity of the Stranger, and Sauron, this season.

- For the episode itself, the timing of finding out if characters are alive or dead was really off for me and felt a bit lazy, or forgetful.
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