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Halfwit Hobbit

Samwise=half-wise, foolish. Why?

There is significance in naming Sam (Half, lol ) in such a way. He might not be learned in the finer arts - the knowledge that is usually considered "knowledge", but he knows life - the knowledge less often considered "knowledge". He is simple, not simplistic, and complex, not complicated.

I remember reading in WOTR a discarded epilogue where, in his letter, Aragorn addresses Sam as "Half-wise, who should be called Full-wise". Aragorn is one of those who appreciates the latter kind of "knowledge" and "wisdom". He thinks that beig wise/knowledgeable does not require the "finer arts" (I agree with him). Writing this makes me think a lot about the difference between wise and smart.

Last but not least, why would anyone name their son Halfwit?

Thoughts, opinions, anything regarding Sam's name!

PS: I dutifully searched all the relevant key-words that I could think of, but didn't come upon a thread that discusses this. If you know one, I'd be very interested in reading it!
"I have no great fondness for the universe, but I do live there." - Eliezer Yudkowsky
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