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White Tree Homeward Bound Discussion Thread

Eorl of Rohan invites you to play in her game

Homeward Bound

Historical Background: Five years after Elessar took the throne of Gondor. The streets of Gondor are still at unrest, much of the outlying lands remain charred and scarred from battle, and stability is a steadily-approaching but distant hope. Orcs who fled in the wake of Sauron’s downfall have turned to banditry, venturing beyond the borders of Gondor is a perilous undertaking even for those armed to the teeth. In the cities of the Fear East, which lies beyond the woods of Eryn Lasgalen* (formerly known as Mirkwood until it was cleansed of the shadow of Dol Guldur in TA* 3019) and near the seas of Rhun, the streets teem with the now-unemployed mercenaries who would kill for a song, whilst the outlying lands are harried relentlessly by the raids of the marauding Orcs who no longer have the heavy hand of Sauron to keep them in line. Security in the city and its surrounding lands is almost non-existent even for its true inhabitants… let alone for the tall and fair-headed northerner held as prisoners or slaves.

Note: * “TA” = Third Age. The Fourth Age began in TA 3021. About the renamed forest: The Elves would call it Eryn Lasgalen – Men from the East might still be calling it Mirkwood.

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