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Leaf **Spoiler Warning 2: Electric Boogaloo** Rings of Power S1E2 - "Adrift"

Well, with Hui not having done so, and having just watching Episode 2 (look at that: I'm caught up!), I shall continue this mad streak of thread-starting and get something up for Episode 2, "Adrift." Once again, my content is nothing more than stream of consciousness blather:
  • Wait, is this a different intro, or did I just not pay any attention last time?
  • Still like the music, I think.
  • Not sure I needed "Merry, Pippin, and the fall into trouble" recapitulated with Norry and Poppy?
  • Did the Hobbits just say the word "human"--that sounds very wrong. Just say "man" if you want to be Tolkienian!
  • I have it! I have the origin! This is the Man in the Moon come down too soon! Eureka!
  • "ground shake" Was "earthquake" too modern? I am now genuinely curious what Shakespeare would have called it.
  • Is Eregion new? Old? I guess old, but it feels almost out of nowhere.
  • Why by spring, Celebrimbor? You're an Elf--what's the time crunch for?
  • Why is "aged parent" an Elven metaphor? How would Celebrimbor OR Elrond know it?
  • Pre-Narvi gates! I suppose that makes sense... but why--HOW--does Elrond have history with Durin?
  • Underground greenery? I need to digest this...
  • I suppose "Mahal" probably was Silm material, alas...
  • This Dwarven ritual thing is... corny?
  • Is that escargot? I think Tolkien would have hated that. :-P
  • Well, the Man in the Moon is properly frightening, that's for sure.
  • Okay, half-drowned sailor, you are clearly supposed to be our Aragorn-expy.
  • Okay, so do they have the rights to the Adventures of Tom Bombadil? First the Man in the Moon, now we have Fastitocalon?
  • Did Durin saying something about the Moon coming down? I didn't understand a word... I think I'm obsessed.
  • "Children" plural? I like the gap of understanding between Elves and Dwarves here, but 20 years is still not to a Dwarf what it is to a Man! It's like being missing 3-4 years.
  • Whose beard?
  • Honestly, the worst part of Dísa is that "a" on the end of her name.
  • Wait, is that a mallorn is or it the Laurelin version of the Gondorian mirrors of Telperion?
  • You pursued him before the sun? Since when did you give a thought to Sauron before you reach Middle-earth? Wasn't it all Morgoth then?
  • "Baldrick" Does everyone have a misplaced name in the Southland?
  • Okay, we've definitely got some claustrophobia horror here!
  • Actually, this whole Southland story seems like a slightly different genre. I'm not sure what genre it is, but it's definitely something different for now.
  • There are too many stories--it feels like an age getting back to the Man in the Moon.
  • Leaning into the "Arkenstone is a Silmaril" idea?
  • Theo is going to be a Nazgûl, isn't he? I mean... nine of the characters are, right? Halbarad is the Witch-king, right? Elrond, Galadriel, and Durin are all Ring-bearers... so we need the Men too.
  • Aaaaaand hello, Númenor, I assume.

Overall... I'm kind of enjoying myself. Despite knowing the big picture of how this must end, I really have very little idea where this is going in the small or medium scale. I definitely didn't think very much about the canon in this story other than the, erm, pedantic points above, whereas Episode 1 did have me thinking quite a bit about the legendarium. So I'm not sure what that says exactly.

But I am, generally, excited to see Episode 3 now, and I was DREADING the series a week ago... so, success? Good job, Amazon? Considering you had my household's Prime account before and will likely retain it after, I'm not sure this was worth your $150 million, but it was worth my two hours so far.
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